3 Common WordPress Errors And Its Solutions

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The WordPress Platform

How to Fix Common WordPress Errors?

WordPress and CMS are a kind of stable software that runs without any problem most of the time. However, there are some instances, when even the experienced users have to face a problem while creating a custom web design. Unfortunately, if you find yourself in that situation, don’t worry as WordPress errors have got the relevant solutions.

Since you don’t want your website visitors to feel inconvenienced because of such errors, it would be a better decision to hire a web design Los Angeles company to fix it ASAP. And, for that matter, SFWP Experts would be the best choice to get authentic solutions. We have the top web designers and SEO experts when it comes to web design, web development, online marketing, and social media promotions. Our method of measuring success is through the results we drive for your startup, enterprise or SMB.

Here, you must take a look at some of the most common errors in WordPress, with the factors that cause them and the right ways to fix it:

WordPress Error #1: You are not able to establish a connection with the database

If you try to access your website and get this error on your screen, there is some problem with the accessibility to the database. It might be caused if there is an issue with the wp-config.php file such as entering the incorrect details related to the database.

However, sometimes these errors might occur due to other problems. The problems could be associated with the shared web hosting. It might happen that your host is experiencing downtime or your database might be crossing the allotted limit.

But, if you don’t find any issues with the wp-config.php file and shared web hosting, it is possible that your website is being hacked.

And, if you are deeply concerned about the security of information stored in your website, you should make sure that whatever software you are using to manage the contents of your website is up to date. This is because when loopholes are found in the website security like using old version of CMS or forum, hackers abuse them quickly. In that situation, you should check with a web design company whether they can make software updates to your site. If they can’t, you can ask our web design company to do it for you. We provide our services at an affordable price so that every size of businesses can keep their website secured. SFWP Experts is the top web design agency in Los Angeles that you can count on to fulfill your website needs.


If you suspect that it might be the wp-config.php file that is preventing you to access your website, use your FTP to find it and open it. Check out the details that are entered in the username, password, database name, etc., and see if it is correct or not.

You can also check with your website hosting provider to find if they are experiencing any downtime or if you have crossed the allotted limit. But, if you suspect that your site has been hacked, you will have to use plugins to make sure that it is clean. Additionally, you can also go through the FAQ section and other available resources that explain how to recover a hacked site.

WordPress Error #2: Your blog or admin page is showing a blank page

Usually, this error occurs after upgrading or installing a new theme. The entire blog as well as the admin login page starts showing a blank page. At that point in time, you can’t even find a way to access the dashboard.

When you are caught in such a situation, you need not look any further and call our web design company for help. This is because it’s better to assign a technical task to a professional company rather than doing it yourself. There is a high chance that you will mess up the things if you are not skilled enough. We are quite good at designing and developing stylish websites that draw the attention of a large number of your potential customers. In addition, our digital marketing experts implement strategic marketing plans that drive a huge amount of traffic to your website. Since we are the creators and maintainers of some amazing WordPress websites on the internet, we find out immediately what causes a certain problem and how to fix it at the earliest.


There are quite a few things you should try if you want to fix this error:

- Reset the plugin folder using FTP and rename it as “plugins-temp”.

- Rename the folder of the newly installed theme with the help of FTP that will make WordPress to select the default theme. When the default theme is started to be used, you can access the wp-admin.

- Now, when you can log in to the wp-admin, make sure to check if the theme is compatible with WordPress version that you are using currently.

WordPress Error #3: You are seeing an Internal Server Error

Even though your site was running fine when you have checked it last time, suddenly you see a 500 internal server error. Usually, this error caused due to a corrupt htaccess file, irrelevant theme or plugin or installing corrupt files. However, in quite a few cases, this error might be caused due to the memory limits of the PHP.

When you get this internal service error on your site, consider getting in touch with the designers of our web design company. They will make you understand what is the problem with your site and how they can fix it without reducing your bank balance a lot. Our web expert team in Los Angeles is highly skilled in building responsive websites that offers a flawless user experience, no matter how your site is accessed by the users such as mobile, tablet, laptop, or computer.


Login to your WordPress website using FTP and rename the htaccess file that is located in the same directory where wp-admin and wp-content are located. After doing this, try to load the website and check if the existing problem has been resolved or not. If the problem has been resolved, then go to “Settings-Permalinks” and save the changes that you made. Once you have done this, a new htaccess file will be generated with the correct rewrite rules.

If this method doesn’t work, try increasing the PHP memory limit. You can do this task by creating a blank text file with the “php.ini” name and paste a code memory=64MB in it. Now by using FTP, save it and upload it into the wp-admin folder.

Now you know what are the common WordPress errors and the factors that cause such errors. If you ever experience these errors in your website, you must implement the solutions mentioned in this article. It will help in keeping your site up and running as always.

Running a successful business these days, without having an interactive website is certainly impossible. That’s why it is necessary to build a WordPress website for your business that will help in showcasing your products or services to your potential customers in one place. For this reason, we recommend you to visit our WordPress website design company online and select a website development package that you feel is enough to meet your website needs. You will come to know that our mode of conducting business is completely transparent and trustworthy when you take our services like WordPress website development, WordPress plugin development, search engine optimization, responsive website design, and other website maintenance services. So, start making an impressive statement through a beautiful web design that would add value to your business. SFWP Experts caters to all the clients in different parts of the world.

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