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Welcome to The Website Development Blog where I impart my thoughts on attempting to Word Press, PHP and a ton of other “quirky” stuff.

VGGroups.com is Leader and the greater part of the instructional exercises and code that I share are utilized as my very own part extends. As the years progressed, I have gotten so much backing and direction from different website admins that I began the Website Development Blog to thusly help other people. As a feature of my ‘normal everyday employment’, I am persistently examining SEO, web development and tech stuff. I’ll share my perspectives on web development issues, different online administrations and other arranged web programming points.

Working in site improvement not just means always adapting new dialects and knowing when to utilize them, yet, it likewise implies adapting more about showcasing, prerequisites gathering and human-PC connection. Site advancement has transitioned from basic HTML-driven destinations to completely intuitive educational and ecommerce entryways. HTML5, jQuery and node.js didn’t exist a couple of years back. Presently they are a part of each task I do.

It has dependably been my objective to share web programming instructional exercises and offer proposals on legitimate web plan here on Web Development Blog. You’ll discover articles on eCommerce Solutions, Google Services, jQuery Code, PHP Scripts and an assortment of different points.