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Medium is a great tool for blogging and spreading interesting ideas that can enrich people and teach them something useful.

But is Medium the right platform — from bloggers perspective? When is better to use Medium and when to write blog posts on your own website?

I won’t devote myself to a blog running on WordPress, because I want a blogging system that doesn’t require installation and constant maintenance. Therefore for my comparison, I chose Pixenio — new online website generator I wrote about in the previous article. I’m going to compare Medium with a blog made on Pixenio.


I am surprised that as a longtime WordPress user, I have become a fan of exactly the opposite approach to the website creation — online building. I like to test different builders like Wix or Squarespace, try new things and try to figure out which one of these tools can actually be used for the client websites.

Recently I came across a newly launching project on Product Hunt — Pixenio online website builder. Its first public version was released just a few days ago.

I decided to try it!

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What is Pixenio and what it looks like

Pixenio is an AI website generator. It is presented as being…

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Those of you who work with WordPress have certainly heard about new rich content editor called Gutenberg (or perhaps have tried it already). It is intended to replace the default WYSIWYG editor. Its ambition is even to push out the various third-party Page Builders from the market. As I mentioned in my previous article, many WordPress authors have their own drag & drop Page Builders used for website building in a more streamlined way.

What I noticed is that there’s quite a lot of fuss around Gutenberg for quite some time. Many bloggers literally speak about the revolution. With the…

Making all types of websites using WordPress is a worldwide phenomenon. Despite of the fact that WordPress as a platform is in its core just a blogging system with limited functionality. This means that WordPress itself doesn’t have any built-in functionalities for services, products, eshop and other things developers need for their website as well as the customers. It provides just Posts and Pages what is extremely limited.

1. Problem — WordPress is not suitable for creation of every kind of website

The only exception is a blog. Everything else needs some tweaks and addons.

In order to be able to create full-featured website with WordPress, it is necessary to code up lots of…

Today I had a look at the process of adding the most basic parameters and logos in the two most used website builders.

How does it work in Squarespace templates

Site Title and Tag Line

Site Title is used universally across the entire website and it is a mandatory field. It can be your business name or you can fill your own name here. In the @Squarespace, the Site Title can be set within the page configuration -> Design -> Logo & Title -> Site Title / Tag Line.

In my case, I used my name Victor Jakobsen as the Site Title. The template design determines where the Site Title is displayed.

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My name as the Site Title

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As the old proverb says, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

This is often the case with eCommerce business. Good intention in our case is the creation of a marketing strategy that includes, for example definition of customer target group, customer behavior analysis, or website creation. It is the misinterpretation of the data (incorrect data management) that can bring the online business to hell, as well as several marketing issues that may not seem serious at first glance, but have devastating consequences.

These digital marketing problems significantly affect not only overall traffic, but also have a negative…

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Hamburger Menu ON/ OFF

There are certain UI techniques you can read about everywhere as to how these should not be used in practice. Nonetheless, they still show up regularly in UI designs.

Why the designers still use them even though they are against them?

1. Hated Hamburger Menu

Hamburger Menu is being discussed everywhere. Everyone talks about how unusable it is. People don’t click on it as they don’t know where to click. Also they often cannot understand what those 3 short lines underneath mean (which is the simplified illustration of hamburger).

Surely, the Hamburger Menu adds an extra step in the page browsing process. The user…

The very first and most important question is — What do you want to achieve? Do you want a fast and user-friendly website loading for your website visitors? Or do you want to please Google so that it gives you better score?

Make a choice.

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PageSpeed Insights is used by many developers. It primarily evaluates the page loading speed on mobile device and desktop PC and it also helps to identify certain issues the developer may have overlooked. It might be a problem with website caching or unoptimized images etc… It also attempts to provide you with factual recommendations that…

After my first experiences with Wix ADI I made my way back to Wix Editor as I needed to edit the text fields. When I was going to switch between ADI and Editor interfaces I was warned that once I make some changes in Editor and I save the page within the Editor, I won’t be able to get back to the ADI interface. This means that the artificial intelligence will no longer be able to help me with the website editing — I will have to manage it with my own intelligence :) … damn it!

First I did not know where to click…

I must admit…

My beginnings with Wix Editor were not that great, but at least I have the new Surface :) (if you’re interested in finding out what these two things have in common, read the older post Thanks to Wix I bought a new computer).

Today I decided to test Wix’s alternative way of website creation: Wix ADI — Artificial Design Intelligence. First, I had to choose the type of the website that I would like to create and then I was provided with other features to be included e.g. Take bookings & appointments, Get subscribers and Create a blog. Next I…

Viktor “Why?!” Jakobsen

Hi, I’m Viktor and I’m trying to sniff out the best website building solution. I like websites but unfortunately websites hate me…

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