Understanding Free Website Monitoring Services

You know that the up-time of your respective website is vital. You’ve even arrived at the final outcome which a website monitoring services a must in order to minimize the downtime that your website experiences. That which you have no idea of is the reason why you need to purchase a real service when there are plenty of companies offering free website monitoring on the internet. Prior to deciding to jump on the “free” service bandwagon, there is something you have to consider.

website uptime monitor service

Grandma Always Said There is not any Such Thing as being a Free Lunch

In the event you didn’t hear it from the grandmother you’ve likely heard it elsewhere. There is not any such thing being a free lunch. The issue you should think about is, if a company has something of value they could sell at the profit, why would they just give it away totally free? Lots of time, work, and investment go into quality website monitoring services and the free ones on offer aren’t listed as nonprofit organizations, now how could they be making their money? If you realize how these firms make their cash, you already know free isn’t free in the end.

Oftentimes a “free” website monitoring services are a common commercially available package a service offer to acquire hooked. The concept is always that once you find how vital the service is, but wait, how much the “free” services are lacking, you’ll upgrade to some paid service — usually at the higher price than had you started by looking for a paid service all along.

website uptime monitor service

Not every Services Are the same

Now, assume you need to do look for a website monitoring service that does not up-sell and the service is really free. The real thing. A free of charge service with no strings attached. What you ought to contemplate again is, why’s the service free? The gender chart lacking? Or what exactly is it adding? Would you like to or perhaps your website be bombarded with advertisements to aid the funding with the service? Or services are with a lack of the characteristics it provides, including strategies to communication. By way of example, an online site monitoring service that just notifies you of website downtime via email won’t can you much good if your email is down with your site. You will need a website monitoring service that can warn you via not just email, but word and phone calls to appropriate personnel also.

In addition, you have to know the frequency of which your website will be checked for downtime whenever considering any site monitoring service. Ideally you want your internet site checked every One minute or less to make certain continuity of one’s site’s up-time. If the website is only checked for downtime every hour, after that your site could be down a full 59 minutes until you are even informed about a downtime issue.

Additionally, you want to ensure that the website monitoring service you have has more than one server monitoring your website. When there is an energy failure at one server location, there must be other server locations spread out to make sure that your site’s monitoring will never be interrupted.

When you’re looking at free website monitoring solutions, the likelyhood that a free service will provide your web site with the comprehensive monitoring and degree of technology had to truly protect your internet site from downtime are slim to none. Since website monitoring services are among the few services that actually pay for themselves after a while, buying this kind of service based in price alone is never a good suggestion. Instead of searching for something free, choose a service that may actually meet your site’s needs and can monitor your internet site adequately.