Reasons to Invest Around Hyderabad

Reasons to Invest Around Hyderabad

If you are thinking to make a plot investment around Hyderabad, there are various reasons you can do so even if the real estate market is rather going from a sluggish phase. Hyderabad real estate market near airport area slowly but steadily paving the way to become an established locality in terms of investment and It seems to be a good time to invest on the area which is still developing. Once Shamshabad becomes fully developed, property prices are definitely expected to soar.

Expected growth projected

According to experts, though the Nagaram is being neglected of any investment during the last two years, it is now seeking attention of prospective buyers. The current rate of a 200sq yard plot is about Rs. 6 lakh which will surely reap 100% appreciation in the next few years. The area has a potential to see rapid growth in real estate sector in the next year or so. Many new projects have come up within the reach of about 10–12km from international airport.

Other reasons in favor of investing in real estate in Hyderabad will make incite you to invest in the same. Nagaram being in proximity to Shamshabad is a plus point. Many new investment projects are carried on by real estate companies like My Home Group. My Home Group is a cement company who is planning towards the ‘smart city’ project which is deemed to spread in the area of about 3000 acres in Shamshabad, near Nagaram. Infrastructure development near Shamshabad will turn the image of the places near it in a better one.

Following this, the area will soon be connected with the facility of Metro Rail, the idea being already proposed to the concerned authorities. Also, a project by the Indian airlines housing is also heard of near the area.

Easy Connectivity and Infrastructure Development

The suburban city of Hyderabad, Nagaram is only about 16km away from the airport and the distance can easily with covered within 20 minutes with the use of Outer ring Road (ORR). The ringer road is only about 5km away from Nagaram. The ORR also helps in connecting to various other important centers like IT hub, Hitec city and Gachibowli in about half an hour. Also, from Nagaram, the Pedda Golconda Outer Ring Road junction is only 2 kms away. The place keeps the city going due to its amazing transport facility. It also has easy conveyance facility to Afzalgunj bus terminus through the regular city bus facility. The place is also in close proximity to medical aid due to the presence of Sri ChinnaJeeyar swami’s international Multispecialty Homeopathy hospital with 80 beds.

No Restrictions on Construction

Though the place is near to the airport, there are no such complications on constructing according to your choice. The place is free from the limits of Hyderabad Airport Development Authority (HADA) and bio conservation zone. Therefore, it is easy to get government approved residential plots here.

Being in the close vicinity of airport, the region has impressive property prices. One can easily take benefit of stagnant and slow real estate market here by buying out a plot here. The region will surely gain momentum in prices after the Shamshabad airport will come into function. There is already seen the hike in prices of commercial properties in Hyderabad during the process doubling the rate of the region.

Grab the opportunity before it’s too late!

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