How to increase the ad accounts limit in Facebook Business Manager

Hi everyone! Let me begin this article with the phrase “If your business doesn’t have a Business Manager then your business isn’t on Facebook at all”.
I won’t write how to set up your Business Manager because this article is a lifehack for people/agencies who manage more than one Page on Facebook already. As for me, it’s inconvenient to manage all advertising campaigns from one ads account. So what’s the question? Question is that after registration Business Manager allows you to create only 5 advertising accounts. To check this:

1 — go to Business Manager settings

2 — for those who doesn’t know, you can create separate advertising accounts here:

3. Go to Business Info to see what the limit is.

Question: Why should I actually need to create lots of advertising accounts?
Answer: Firstly, for convenient budgets management of different Pages. Secondly, not every client has time to bother creating different advertising accounts and set them up. It’s easier to give access to somebody else, so he deals with all of these. 
The only minus, you can give full access to your advertising account so the client can monitor what he pays for, but you can’t switch the ownership. You’ll remain the only owner of the account forever even after you stop the cooperation.

So, what should we do to increase the limit? Right, your favorite thing (being sarcastic here), to contact technical support of Facebook. So go to contacts page at and choose “Add Account Settings” or “Ad Management Tools”.

Scroll down and bump into…the opportunity to chat with support in Messenger!

When I did this for the first time about a year ago, you could contact technical support only by e-mail. Click the Messenger icon and get to the next page.

Here we fill out all fields using only real information. Don’t forget to include your phone number too. Then click “Start chat” button and get into Messenger, where you will see something like this:

It said that the response time was about 21 hours but in fact, in 40 minutes already a guy from the support named Philip was writing me. Communication is in English only, so if you have problems with it, Google Translate will surely help you. Here what I wrote in my request to increase the limit:

We were able to find a common language fast and Philip asked me to send some additional information. Here is a list:

After that, Philip told me that my request was sent for review and asked if I had any questions.
There are a few things you should check before applying to make sure your request will be approved. Here is their list:
1. At least one of the e-mails attached to your Business Manager must be corporate. What does it mean? This means that at least one of the employees that you added to the Business Manager should have an e-mail address that contains the name of the company in it. For example,
It looks like this

2. All ad accounts must have a payment card added.
3. No debts on your account. Make sure you have all debts paid off before applying. Luckily, it can be done quickly.
As you applied, don’t forget to check your e-mail, maybe in 3–7 days you will receive a positive answer…or not positive.
All the requirements I described above are based on my negative experience. Those were the reasons why my limit wasn’t increased that time even though I kept writing Technical Support every 2 weeks reminding about my request and complaining about their employee Philip who didn’t help me. I had to try again and from a different account and a month later instead of a few days I got my so desired letter. It said:

If you did everything I mentioned above and got the letter like mine, you can check your Business Manager (Business info) again. Your limit should be increased now.

HOORAY! Quest is over! :)