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How to find the “ideal” online income opportunity and earn big

Webtalk Pro
Apr 22, 2019 · 8 min read

Before getting into one of the many online business “opportunities” being peddled across the Internet, you need to know what to watch out for and avoid as well as what would constitute the perfect online business.

1. A legal business opportunity sells real products/services that have an existing place in the market. If you are invited to join a club or other membership that has no valid place in the commercial market with no real products or services being sold, it is a pyramid scheme and you should run away from it! Don’t part with your money, nor waste your time.

2. If the company guarantees earnings and it is not a salary, then it is an illegal operation. If the earnings are based on interest paid on an investment or commission holding and the interest is higher than industry averages or maximums, it is a Ponzi scheme.

The above two points are the fastest way to spot a scam.

However, many legal businesses are also exploitative: they often depend on those at the bottom doing the most work as employees and making the least money, while those at the top do the least work and make the most money. Most jobs in most companies fit into that category and cannot be passed on to your loved ones since you don’t own the company. If you fall sick or die, your job will be passed on to someone else since you don’t own it.

Most legal online businesses involving Multi Level Marketing (MLM) charge a significantly higher amount for their products or services so that they can afford to pay commissions and make a profit. This forces distributors to only recruit new distributors and have them buy the products because the general public won’t pay more for something they can easily get for less elsewhere. Stay away from such companies, as they won’t last for long.

Selling products to your friends and family can jeopardize relationships. Most people aren’t sales people, so their odds of success diminish quickly because you get paid for your sales and the sales made by the team you recruited.

Buying training packages is another red flag. If a company makes you purchase a training or “knowledge” pack to get started, the company is making its money on the packages and not a core product offering and is an illegal pyramid scheme.

What should I look for in an ideal business opportunity?

1. A company with a real and great product/service at a competitive price.

2. Well-funded early stage company with income opportunities and growth potential. If you have already heard the name, then it has already taken a large market share and your income opportunity will be a lot smaller. Get in early before it is famous!

3. A strong leadership team. It’s the leadership that helps make a company successful.

4. No purchase of a training package. Hitting sales qualifiers and targets is fine as long as you can do that without buying products yourself. Companies that force, or even allow you to buy yourself into a promotion have come under scrutiny lately and run the risk of being shut down.

5. Web-based as there is a lot less selling and recruiting required if you have links for social sharing online. Make sure the compensation plan is 5 levels or less because anything more is illegal in certain states and countries.

6. A wide variety of income streams from the sale of products and services to increase your earning potential.

7. A market that has a lot of projected growth in the near future because the chances of success are higher for you and the business.

If you have experience with business opportunity companies, you will know that the above list of requirements is nearly impossible to find.

Online networking sites generate billions of dollars from advertising and upgrades. Most people will never purchase anything from a networking site, but they still generate advertising revenue when they engage with the site.

Facebook makes billions of dollars per month, more than $3 on average from each of its 2 billion users, and as LinkedIn, doesn’t share its income with its users.

Enter the new rising star, Webtalk, with the ideal online business opportunity!

The Ideal Online Business Opportunity

With Webtalk you can invite people to a very useful and valuable free service and don’t have to sell anything to generate revenue. $6.5M was invested and 5 years of software development to build Webtalk into an online professional and personal relationships management and communication platform that is not only as good as its multi-billion dollar competitors Facebook (Zuckerberg) and LinkedIn (Bill Gates), but much, much better!

Webtalk is owned and managed by a team of co-founders and CEO’s with a mission to help the world go non-profit, while empowering millions of people to earn a share of the income: instead of keeping the profits, Webtalk shares them with its users, or as they like to call us, members.

Below is the list of some of the benefits Webtalk offers:

  • Webtalk’s user experience is world-class on every device
  • Webtalk has consolidated and improved upon the paid service offerings of multi-billion dollar companies even with its free service
  • Webtalk has recruited top executives, engineers and designers from companies with proven track records
  • Webtalk will share up to 50% of all advertising and premium feature Pro account subscription revenue with the first one million qualified affiliates, and 10% with everyone who joins after that first million
  • No recruiting at all: just be social and invite!
  • No sales: the company does the selling for you
  • No costs: no training pack to buy
  • No income cap: unlimited earning potential
  • Hyper-competitive pricing: cheaper advertising and premium features cost less than the competition
  • Massive market opportunity: more than 2 billion users within 5 years
  • Huge growth opportunity: plans to expand with both a product and service market place, a $250 billion market

A quick word about the “wow-factors” of the free Webtalk service offering: easy grouping of your connections/contacts into personal or professional networks, and sub categories within each. This is highly effective in filtering your incoming news feed to show posts from whichever networks you wish, e.g. in the evening you may like to see only posts from your friends and family. During the day posts from your work colleagues, potential investors, clients, job prospects etc.

This system is highly powerful in the privacy implications and targeting of your outgoing posts/updates as you can select which networks and sub groups should see each post, file, video, image, etc — and any file types may be attached to your posts.

For the free Webtalk account you can have up to 50 contacts in the professional relationship types such as colleagues, clients, vendors, investors, etc… and unlimited numbers of personal and also professional “acquaintance” contacts. If you require more than 50, and posts to reach a mass audience beyond your followers and connections, you can upgrade to a paid subscription “Webtalk Pro” for as little as $20 per month.

Everyone you invite to Webtalk who joins via your landing page link, is counted on your referral tracking page — and also shows you the numbers of those that your invitees have invited (2nd degree of separation from you), all the way out to 5 degrees of separation. Immediately, you earn 10% of all income to Webtalk from your direct invitees, but as soon as any one of them upgrades to a paid Pro account (from $20 a month or $200 a year) you unlock earnings from all 5 levels of separation!

Join now:

As an example, let’s say you invite 100 people, 10 of whom sign up to Webtalk Pro paid accounts, at $20 per month each: you will receive 10% of that income, therefore from the $200 you will get $20 and your first level direct invites pays for your Pro upgrade. But it does not stop there! Because as soon as one of your referrals (those who joined Webtalk via you) upgraded, you now unlocked income from five levels (degrees of separation) that means, everyone that they invited, they invited, they invited, and they invited!

So, to make the calculation simple, let’s say that from everyone you invited directly, ten upgrades to Webtalk Pro and paid $200 each to benefit from the discounted one-year subscription. This means you earn $200 (10% of the $2,000). Let’s say the same thing happens for those ten people, they each have 10 people they invited who also upgrade to Pro accounts, and they now receive each $200, and you receive an additional $2,000!

Why? Because at the 2nd degree of separation from you, your invitees have now invited 100 people each (therefore 1,000 new members), one in ten each of which upgraded (therefore another 100 Webtalk Pro accounts), both you and they get 10% of that income: 100 x $200 = 20,000 and 10% of that is $2,000.

And it does not stop there!

Let’s say from each degree of separation, 10 upgrade to Webtalk Pro. This means 10 in your direct referrals, 100 in your 2nd level of separation referrals, 1 thousand at 3rd level, 10 thousand at 4th level and 100,000 at 5th level. You will now be earning 10% of ALL of those 100,000 Webtalk Pro accounts! That means, if all are with Pro subscriptions at $20 a month, you will get $2 from each, a total of $200,000 a month after one year, if they are yearly subscriptions at $200 that would be a yearly income of $20 million. Most likely you will have a mix of both.

You receive your 10% of the annual Pro subscriptions the month after they’ve subscribed, so you can quickly reach $20,000 a month income within just 4 months if you join a pro team with great mentoring!

Many are going to upgrade in the coming weeks as Webtalk Pro accounts go live, and those who wish to register payment details to receive money from July 2019 onward, will start earning commissions. Some people may have only a few upgraded accounts among 5 degrees of separation from those they invite but those who are organized keeping the above in mind and consciously invite more people to Webtalk and encourage them to upgrade, and encourage their own invitees to upgrade, will end up earning astronomical figures of income and need to re-consider their citizenship for tax benefits!

As a Webtalk member you will receive 10% of all income generating from advertising, product and service sales, the optional premium and business Pro upgrades, from all those you invite, and with the potential to earn an additional 10% from those they invite, those they invite, and those they invite, through a total five levels of referrals, for life!

So what are you waiting for? Join for free, connect to me so you can receive best advice on how to achieve success with Webtalk, and check out for more information.

Watch the video here and join for free today!

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