20 Ways to Increase Web Traffic in 2020 [Undated]

Increasing site visits and traffic is one of the most important topics a webmaster is interested in. There are several ways to increase actual site statistics. Free methods of increasing traffic to costly and costly methods can be done in a way. Whether you want to increase site traffic at any price or cost, we do not really have any benefits for us, and certainly, do not have the revenue and the returns we need.

In this article, we are going to teach you completely logical and proven ways to increase the actual traffic of a WordPress site, as well as sites with different content management systems. If you are looking to increase the number of visits in short time and shortcut, this article does not apply to you, but if you want to increase your site statistics in a principled and freeway, you should follow this article to the end.

All the methods and strategies described in this article are now used (2018) and have been used. Also applicable for use in 2019.

Update and improve old content

Updating and updating the old content of a site for Google and increasing Keyword Targeted Web Traffic

is very important, but this content update should be subject to certain terms and conditions so that it can help increase your site’s actual hits.

What should I update?

There are several ways to select items that need updating:

  • Refer to the site statistics like Google Analytics and sort the list of contents by date: This method should look for the old content that has received the most hits. The best choices are those that are the most visited and are older than the release date.
  • Find the content we’ve written for certain keywords in the past and review their visit statistics: if these contents are captured by the keywords of the goal that we are targeting at the time of publication, it will attract reasonable traffic! But if our targeted words have a high search volume on Google but our content does not attract significant traffic, we should consider this content as an upgrade candidate.
  • Updating content with respect to time: For example, if two years ago we published content that was titled Learning Photoshop, we should also change our content and content in accordance with the updates to Photoshop. If you have such content on your site, you should considerer updating it. By updating this content in addition to attracting more traffic from Google and other search engines, you will significantly increase your trust in your site as well, because they will find that your content has always been updated according to the current time. And it changes.

How to update the old content?

Once the materials are selected using the methods described above, it is now time to update and modify the content. First, you must change all the items relating to the years and times that are listed in the content to the date and time of the day. For example, if your content contains a text with the title of best 95th-year statistics, then you should change it to the best 97 statistics and such changes.

The next step is to identify, remove, and replace all the corrupted content links and images. If there are links to content that have become 404 dues to the time lapse of time, they should be replaced with new links, as well as with photos, if images are not displayed or old, they should be replaced with newer images. If you have introduced a tool in your content, such as an extension to send SMS messages that do not currently work for this plugin, then there should be a new sample of its functionality to be introduced to the contacts. After these changes, turn to more fundamental changes, which we will explain in more detail below.

Add new sections to content

Try adding your own titles and subcategories to your content. You can also use Google People to ask for ideas. This feature will help you add relevant and relevant sections and subtitles to your content in your post. You can also use Google related searches, which are usually down to the bottom of the search page and use these to make your post more useful and longer.

Referrals to resources

Be sure to mention the name and link of the source you used to update and write your content in the content. Unfortunately, this is not customary on the US web site, and site administrators fear it so losing money to the site. If the external sites are not only referenced resources, they can easily refer to their rivals as this link.

Not only will you validate your content, but Google and your audience will value your content. Note that the source you are using is also valid.

Link to your old content

The best linking method is nothing but internal linking. In this way, you have a beard and scissors. Just create a link from an item that has a good reputation and rating to an old article that is relevant to your valuable content. By doing so, you will value your old and current content and help improve its quality and rank.


Do not forget Backlink! A factor that has never been caught up in the SEO and optimization of the site and does not lose its value. You should link to the content you are updating to increase your traffic and increase your visit, and so-called link back to that link. Try to link naturally to blogs and forums that are relevant to your content.

Social Signal

The second point is the use of social networks in Off Page Looking for a competitive edge. Get Social Media Traffic from the top social sites for quick results! Once you’ve updated your content, try publishing it on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instgram, and ask your users to comment on it and make it a likelihood. This will have an extraordinary effect on improving your old content rank in Google and other search engines.

Use comments

If the content you are trying to edit has comments posted by users of your site, be sure to use the content update, and even consider the proper titles and subtitles for them. After adding these points, be careful not to delete the desired view. Search Engines will accurately understand this behavior and your importance to the audience and will give you credit.

Prolong content

Long-term content and the use of high-profile content will be on most Google favorites. At the same time, try to add quality to your old content and add to your audience’s knowledge. Use video and photos as diverse as possible and, if possible, use them in their own content to carefully monitor and correct spelling and punctuation errors. By literally correcting the text, you are really paying special attention to your audience and the audience will open a special account for you and your site.

Use sharing buttons

Sharing and tasting content on social networks on the Persian web is not very common. But the point is that if we can put it in between our contacts, we will have a lot to win and get a great visit. Be sure to tell your programmer that you can display the sharing buttons beautifully, alongside, down, or up and wherever you feel. These buttons should be such as to encourage the audience to share content in places like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook.

Be sure to post your content on the 4 Social Networking sites after publishing and try to put them in such a way that, in addition to clicking your contacts, they will encourage them to put a likelihood and comment. Some people digest content on social networks only by putting content links in. If you have to put a text in one line and encourage them to click on and get into your content.

Licking content, liking and commenting on social networks will have a tremendous impact on improving the ranking of that content on Google. Because content that is useful for social media contacts, Google will also consider it useful and rank it. A better rank equals more traffic and more real hits for your site.

Optimize content with LSI words

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing, which means the hidden meaning of words between words. Simply put, if you want to explain the LSI words, we have to say that the words are closely interrelated with your main keywords. For example, if we write something about “targeted web traffic”, the words “Real traffic, website traffic, cheap web traffic, buy website traffic, and US State Traffic” will actually be LSI words. We should try to use our LSI words in different ways in addition to using the main keywords. The Google Fetch Chicken algorithm is the mechanism Google uses to understand these words and methods for rating websites.

Note that this should not end with Over Optimization. Optimizing over or over-optimizing is actually writing an artificial content that is written mostly for Google and search engines for users and site contacts. You should not use excessive keywords and LSI words as it will result in artificial writing.

The best way to write a good article, which is LSI tips, is to post content and content primarily to users of your site, and finally, after the article ends, and returns its content in terms of SEO rules Optimize and use the LSI words in a way that does not artificially draw the article.

One of the free and easy tools for finding LSI words is the LSI Graph website. Of course, the precision of this tool in choosing LSI words for English is much more than Persian, but it can still be used and used in some cases. Even Persian-language sites such as word-finders and dictionaries can also be used to find synonyms and meanings for this.

In fact, using Google’s LSI words, Google and search engines find it easier to find out what you’re writing about and will result in improved ranking.

Using the “Convert Content” technique

The content conversion technique is a way to use the potential of your strong content to further increase the traffic of your site. Converting content means that you provide your users with a variety of other content such as e-book, infographic, video or podcast when you have a comprehensive content on your site. For example, if you have published a good content about “Making Money from Instagram” on your own blog and providing a comprehensive description of it, you can then book or video this content and make it on other sites. Publish. The best place to publish and share the video on YouTube. When your video is published on these sites, many people will see them and will be introduced to your site and brand, based on your name in the video, as well as the section of it, which will give you more traffic and increased visitor traffic.

Also, the use of infographic, especially on Instagram, can place your site and brand more in the mouth of contacts and take them to your site. Also, publishing eBooks at free download sites can also be another way to increase your site statistics.

Use podcast

Podcasts are miracles! Although the podcast (antivirus or audio file or audio editing) and its importance have not yet come up with us, 24% of Americans are regularly listening to podcasts. Podcasting can be used as a key element in increasing site and blog statistics. You might think that the best way to increase traffic through podcasts is to generate podcasts by yourself if that’s not the case. One of the best ways to do this is to see you as a guest on the podcast of other people. In the meantime, you can point to your site as an audio player, and the person who publishes the podcast will remember your site as one of the sources and will create a backlink for you. So, the podcast, in addition to increasing your traffic, can also be useful for your site in attracting a backlink. These days, when Google Voice Search is also hot, and in the USA less than that, you can go to audio files and use this Google feature and go one step ahead of your rivals.

Share the video on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn social network is growing at a fast pace. According to statistics in 2018, the number of people who share their content on LinkedIn has significantly increased. But how can LinkedIn be used as a tool to increase website visibility? By posting useful and useful video clips on your work in LinkedIn, you will receive a great deal of likelihood, comment, and visitation over time. The visit to your video at LinkedIn is the same as getting a lot of people with you and your brand, as well as entering your site by the link you introduced. You can also share articles from the LinkedIn article on various timescales. Try to raise your articles and comments so you will see that posts from your site where the articles are linked are miraculously coming up on Google.

The social networking activity is really serious, and along with other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Insta.

Reduce Bounce Rate

If we want to simply define Bounce Rate or jump rate, we will know when this criterion will increase when a customer arrives at a clothing store and only goes out of the shop looking at a few dresses and without any other action. At this time, the jump rate will be calculated, and its increase should be checked. On a website like a clothing store, when a visitor enters the first page of our site, and without visiting another page from the same page, Bounce Rate is calculated and increased. One of the most important places we face with this benchmark is Buy Alexa traffic ranking, which shows different percentages for each website, and of course, the bans right statistics may also change daily. The typical jump rate for sites depends on a variety of factors, but it can typically be 40 to 50 percent as an acceptable rate for Bounce Rate. Increasing this amount should be checked and improved as soon as possible.

According to Google’s Rank algorithm, jump rates are now one of the most important criteria for increasing the ranking. To improve Bounce Rate, Google Analytics can list topics that are most likely to be bundled and fix their bugs. The most important factors in improving the site jump rate include speeding up the site, improving the site for mobile, offering related articles at the end of the content, using the UI and the appearance of the site, standard and legible content, as well as solving technical problems of the site. By the way and by decreasing the jump rate of the site, we can increase the traffic of the website. As the jump rate goes up, it will increase the number of hits to the other pages, and the overall site visit will increase as well.

Publish content and long articles

According to a recent study on a million articles. The value of long and long content is clearly clear. As you can see in the screenshot below, the Share and Back scaling (by domain number) of the various articles are sorted. In the meantime, articles between 3 and 10 thousand words have the largest link and milk. Generally, if you see content that you produce, if you have more than 2,000 words, you will see a double effect. Try to publish instead of producing short but large content instead of fewer articles but increase the number of words. For example, this article is a relatively long article that has over 3,000 words. Note that it’s not just long articles that are useful articles, because perhaps you can solve your problem by reading only a few lines and exit the site with full satisfaction. But the average of comprehensive articles that really provide useful and useful information can be traffic and more hits. Try to make your long articles with headlines and paragraphs as well as add more photos and videos and tell the user that you value your time and get valuable and useful information when you study a long article.

Particularly Important to Mobile Users

Everyone knows the importance of mobile and mobile users. Google has recently highlighted the importance of mobile users and mobile visitors in its new algorithms so that it can be said that users generally ignore handwriting.

How do you know if your site is optimized for mobile?

The question that may have come to you is how to make sure our site is optimized for mobile users, and Google will not enter this site on our site.

To do this, Google has worked on itself and provided a free tool to test the mobile content of sites and site pages. Visit the Mobile-Friendly Test page and enter the address of your home page and any page of your site that you want to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly for users and Google. If you do not have a problem with your page, you will be faced with a green mobile Page.

Google will also sometimes offer suggestions to improve your site for mobile and mobile users if needed. In general, mobile usage has grown considerably nowadays, and it is reasonable to make a special investment for the phone. It’s safe to say that mobile site sites make up more than 80 percent of the site’s mobile site statistics, and this figure is about 50 to 60 percent for other sites.

As soon as possible, it optimized its website with the help of its mobile programmer and designer so that all parts of the site could be easily accessed through the mobile phone. Optimizing and improving the performance of your site through mobile is equal to the significant increase in site statistics.

Set up a live video channel

Currently, video-sharing websites such as YouTube, Watch, Play and … attract high traffic daily. We should use this potential and use it to increase the traffic and popularity of our site. Especially YouTube sites that have the largest number of online video sharing sites.

To attract videos and increase the number of hits on YouTube and on the site, and … it must be done in a variety of ways. One of these methods is SEO and video and video optimization on these sites.

You should include a proper title for your video with enough explanation and include the keywords. Your video must be attractive enough and have the information to be redirected to users on their channels.

Try to make the quality of the videos made suitable and have the right size.

Put your videos in categories and related topics. And try to create a unique video for each keyword and publish it. Mention the name and address of your website in the video and put it in the form of text at the beginning or end and even in the middle of the video. This will record the address and the name of your site in the mind of the contact person. In general, the use of YouTube’s potential and apathetic can greatly increase the popularity of your brand and, along with that, will send significant hits to your site.

Spreading Viral Content

Viral content is referred to as the content seen by the number of people. The term “virus” in this phrase also means a lot of expansion in time. Whether the writing of viral content has specific rules or rules has always been discussed.

Viral content has many images.

A lot of pictures can mean a lot of pictures, infographics or video. It’s not important what format your images are; it’s important to use multi-media files in your content.

According to the statistics of the photos, they have a 94% increase in Share and social networking in comparison to the text they use.

Viral content benefits from a high value.

You need to be careful that a meaningless and useless content will never become a viral content and showcase. Your content should reach out to the audience with the most important subject matter. It does not matter whether this content is about the benefits of broccoli or the achievement of a job. Statistics have shown that content that is practical to an educational user is more practical and has a greater chance of becoming a viral content.

Viral content requires an initial pressure.

The last point about viral content is that you need to make it a major push at the beginning of your post writing. Yes, the basic push means that you must first introduce this content to the rest with one push. This way can be done at a cost.

Release old content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s social network is one of the best social networks that all webmasters should use. How many times has been a significant increase in the USA and professional people are trying to complete their profiles and networking with other colleagues in other companies?

LinkedIn, like Facebook, can put posts on TimeLine and likes and comments, but one of the most important features of this popular social network is its Article. Try publishing your articles in LinkedIn. LinkedIn will provide features such as hits, likes, and comments for articles and can also link to your articles in your articles. With this and good networking in LinkedIn, you can get a great visit to this social network, as well as greatly help your SEO and optimize your content. If you post articles on LinkedIn you will get a lot of comments and comments, one of the great criteria for ranking on Google, but other important criteria such as linking, SEO and … is also important.

Answers to user questions

As you know, better content = more traffic. So, the better our content is, the better the audience, the more traffic, and more hits will go down to our website. An excellent way to improve content is to answer questions from users. To do this, you can design or install a separate system for receiving user questions in your area of ​​work or ask users to put questions into their comments. What you need to do is to answer all the questions carefully and put it in a separate article or article. By doing this, users will realize that they care about them and will more trust your site and introduce your site to others. Google will also fully appreciate this work and value it to the audience and will increase your value and ranking on the search pages. You can even post the answers to your users’ questions in the video, such as the Webmaster site, and share videos on YouTube, on your device, and on your site. By doing so, you’ll also be able to browse through more popular videos, and you can even use these videos as a source of monetization.

Increase CTR

CTR or Click-Through-Rate is, in fact, the click-through rate for digital marketing specialists and SEO is very important. The clickthrough rate is the number of users (in%) that click on the search results on your site. If you can increase your CTR, you do not need to increase your ranking on Google to increase traffic. For example, if your rank with the keyword phrase is your third place on the first page and your CTR is 4%. Now keep in mind that using your CTR methods will double in this third place and increase to 8%.

Well, in the meanwhile, you doubled your traffic without increasing the site’s rank.

But the important thing is:

CTR is now one of the most important factors in increasing Google’s ranking of Google’s algorithms.

So, when you can increase your CTR, you’ll actually upgrade your rank and get it at a higher position.

This is a great way to go, but the question is:

How to increase the clickthrough rate or clickthrough rate:

  • Add number or percentage as yours (like “7” or “57%”)
  • Writing the description is the attractive meta description
  • Testing different titles to find out which ones are getting more CTR
  • Write very emotional and persuasive titles
  • Add keywords and targeted keywords in Title

By doing the above and captivating title and description of your content, you can increase your clickthrough rate and CTR and help increase your traffic and rank on Google. Note that the best practice is to put ourselves into the user’s place and see if we were at it, we would tend to click on which title to see when searching for search results.

Write list entries

One of the best ways to attract traffic and more contacts to your website is without doubt writing and producing list content. According to the statistics, as you can see in the screenshot below, the highest number of links were found, as well as the listings.

As you know, you are currently also studying a list of content. The content of the list refers to the material in which the list of items is presented to the user and provide explanations for each one. In this content, the user can more easily access the content. For example, if you introduce 20 tools for the site’s SEO in your list of content, then the user may wish to read and get information about the 3 tools provided.

In this case, he easily finds just three of his tools and studies specific content.

My suggestion is to list the items listed in your listings at the beginning of the article in a link (exactly like this article) so that the user can quickly find the title by clicking on the title.

Conduct traffic from communities

Forums and forums can be considered as one of the sources of traffic attraction for the website, which, of course, needs to work and have a lot of effort. To attract traffic from a community, you must first be recognized as an active member of the forum. You can then use that forum as a funnel to direct users to your site. To be a member of an association as an active member, you must first carefully answer the questions and problems of users in your area of ​​expertise in order to gain the satisfaction of users. The other way, besides answering user’s questions, is to write and generate unique and functional content for members of the forum. After a while as a trusted and expert person in your field of work, you can bring the articles you publish on your site in a concise way to the forum and ask the users to read the entire article and answer their questions. Visit your site and article links. One of the good things about forums is that if your content is useful, you will usually remain in the forum most of the time in your forum and you will be attracted to that traffic forum for a long time.

Imitation of rivals

Sometimes you must learn from others and imitate them. Competitors can be helped to increase traffic and visit the site. But this will not be a hundred percent imitation. You should always follow rivals in your area of ​​work and review their solutions to increase traffic and attract the audience. For example, if you have online attire, you should always watch online clothing and clothing sales sites. And use their articles. To do this, you need to find out which articles on your competitors’ sites have more hits than the rest of the site, as well as their comments and comments. You need to write titles of these content and use them to attract the audience and increase the sales of your site. Just use the competing site titles with a little bit of change to write a more complete and optimized post for your site. If your competitor’s site has posted a well-known, “Best Costume” article, you can post a story titled “Best Costumes of the Year 2019”. By doing this, you must try to especially dress for one year and encourage the audience to visit your content. And of course, try to use both more and more text in your post.

In general, if your competitor has attracted 10 backspaces for your content, you should have more link backlinks, and if you tap more on social networks, you should be able to get more. And in every respect, be superior to your competing content. Yet another way to target your desired audience when you buy website Traffic … you select your geographies and categories, and then sit back and watch the traffic roll in. It’s fully trackable, and with a reputable supplier like us, it’s completely safe. Catch new customers on the go!

With this method, make sure you get the most out of your competitors’ attention soon. And after a while, you’ll have plenty of great content and high-quality content.

marketing of Influencer

The marketing of Influencer and the use of popular social networking sites have long been welcomed by big and small businesses.

Be sure to visit Instagram with women’s fashion magazine pages that advertise their brand of clothing in their posts and stories.

This method, which of course involves paying a fair amount of money, is very effective in attracting customers and increasing sales. So, if you have a business and you want to increase your audience and sales, be sure to use your favorite personalities and affiliates in your area of ​​work and suggest them to collaborate.


Sometimes it is necessary to spend for initial introduction and attraction of the audience and using online advertising to introduce the website to a large community of users. With this, you will initially attract a lot of contacts and go to your site. But from here on, this is the content of your site that needs to perform its role well and keep audiences entertained. Whatever your content is more intriguing, the more people will stay on your site and will check your website at different times.

Note that you will not be charged for advertising for a website that has just begun to write content. Because it’s best for you at first to create at least 10 to 15 high-quality content for your site and then go online. For advertising, you can use banner ads, links repositions, and more. Try to promote a specific content from your site and do not pay for the general introduction of the site. Contact with your site is more likely to last for a particular purpose than you would like to merely list your site and see the home page. Reproduction advertisements and site introductions are usually aimed at bachelor and site optimization and are less likely to attract the audience. Try to republish your reports to quality websites that are relevant to your business. For example, if you work in the mobile industry, try to get your ads on Android sites. If your content is specific, you can collaborate with popular websites that link to your site and send them some of your best content for insertion on LinkedIn every day. This will bring more visibility to your site.

Site optimization

But the best, most efficient, most principled way to increase traffic to the site is SEO or site optimization for search engines. SEO is so extensive that we can only make a small point. Using SEO techniques and optimization can increase the visibility

Is it necessary to use an SEO and SEO expert for your site?

If you do not have any familiarity with the principles of the site and content optimization, it is advisable to use one expert in this field and ask him to perfectly optimize your website using white hat techniques.

If you are using an SEO specialist for your site, you should still try to learn the basics, SEO and optimization, and get familiar with them.

If you use the author for your site, first and foremost, teach him the optimal content techniques and ask him to carefully write down his content and apply the SEO principles.

A few simple techniques for content optimization:

  • Use tags H1, H2, H3 and …
  • Use images with the Alt tag or alternate text
  • Writing comprehensive content and over 1500 words
  • Use internal links to your related articles
  • Attracting backlinks from other sites for your articles
  • Use keywords in the title and first paragraph of the content
  • And …

By optimizing your site and content and having the patience, you will be attracted a lot after a while and gradually. And by using the other techniques described in this article, you can turn your website into one of the most engaging contacts in your business.

now it’s your turn…

We outlined 20 best practices for increasing site visits and traffic, and we tried to open any of these methods as much as possible. If you have any questions, subscribe to our comments and share with us.

If you are using other methods to increase your site visitor use the same methods in Targetedwebtraffic.com a different way, be sure to share with us. Have you ever tried which of the techniques described in this article first? Would you like to produce a comprehensive list of content? Or start your site optimization?



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