Public Adjuster Lead Generation Strategy

Property damages and losses will happen during the least you expect it. During those times, seeking the public adjuster’s help might be the next best course of action that will help you file for a claim. If you are operating in this industry, there’s a chance that you are heavily relying on word-of-mouth referrals, even in today’s digital age. Public adjuster lead generation campaign works in the background, making it an excellent option for someone who wants to focus on the real core of their business. With thorough planning and little amount effort, you can guarantee that you will have a steady supply of leads.

How to Increase Your Public Adjuster Leads

If you think that you are stretching yourself too thin and you can’t afford to lose sight of your business’s real function, the lead campaign strategy here will help you capture your public adjuster free leads. According to the latest report, at least 79% of generated leads will not result in a conversion. It is even worse for a company that relies on word-of-mouth marketing. The cost related to PPC advertising can be costly. Try these methods to increase your email list.

Using a Quiz

Adding a simple quiz on your website will help you identify if you have a property insurance claim or a personal injury claim. By adding simple questions to your quiz, there are things you will understand that will help you adjust your lead generation strategy. For instance, you will determine if the house is fully paid for. You will understand the kind of coverage they have and the extent of the personal injury. You will not only enhance the quality of your lead list, but it will also be easier to convert your public adjuster check leads. When creating a Quiz for lead generation, do not add a question that requires a long answer. A multiple-choice or a Yes or No questionnaire would be an apt choice.

Develop a Unique Selling Proposition

You need to know how you can differentiate your practice from the rest of the public adjusters in your area. Once you develop this, you have to add it to your marketing campaigns on different platforms. To determine your USP, start by listing all the services you can offer. For instance, you may have years of experience reviewing insurance policies that enabled you to get the highest amount of compensation. Perhaps you specialize in a particular type of insurance, like complex commercial insurance intended for business. After that, determine the USP of your competitors and think of how you can separate yourself from them.

Developing Content

Not everyone is familiar with how public adjuster works. Therefore, if you want to capture public adjuster leads, you will have to develop informative content and share it with your audience. Focus on producing content that offers solutions and entertainment to your target audience. Make sure that your audience will find your content valuable. Some of the content ideas you can use would be related to personal injury, property damages, insurance, etc. However, no matter how well-written your content is, if your audience can’t find them then, there’s a slight possibility that you will attract your public adjuster free leads.

How to Increase the Visibility of Your Content

There are various methods to ensure that your content will be delivered in front of your audience. For instance, you can implement SEO strategies. By adding the proper density of keywords in your content and following the protocols of the search engine algorithms, you can improve your content SERP. However, this will take time; sometimes, it will take 3–6 months before your content can appear on the first page of the search result. Not all companies will have the luxury to wait that long. They want a more instant result. Here are some of your options.

- Content Syndication -This is the process of making your web content available on other websites. You can provide either a summary of your content or a full rendition. By adding a link that will direct the audience to your website, you can increase your traffic and boost your public adjuster check leads.

- Content Promotion- There are different platforms where you can promote your content. You can share it on your social media profile. You can also boost it through PPC ads or promote it through your email marketing campaign.

- Content Repurposing- Repurposing your old content is also an excellent way to drive traffic and leads to your website. You can transform an old article into a podcast or a video. You can also create an eBook or infographics from your past content.

- Add CTA- Finally, add a strong and short CTA at the end of your content. Make sure that it will be easy for them to understand your call to action. Also, add a lead magnet to encourage them to voluntarily provide the information you need.

Referrals Bring Public Adjuster Leads

Word-of-mouth marketing serves as a great way to capture high-valued public adjuster free leads. Most leads you will capture through this method have a high conversion rate. At least 90% of the customers will read reviews before choosing a service provider. By ensuring that you have a healthy number of positive reviews, you will capture the interest of your target audience. According to BrightLocal, a business needs to have at least ten reviews before the customers will even consider doing business with them. Here are some ways to increase your referrals and reviews.

- Incentivize- Add incentives to all verified consumers who will leave a review about your service. It can be as simple as a thank you note or a discount code. What matters here is that you show your audience that you value your clients.

- Respond to Reviews- Be sure that you will respond to all types of reviews, including the negative ones. It sends a signal to your public adjuster lead that you are taking your clients’ input seriously.

- Ask For a Review- Study shows that all customers are willing to leave a review if they are satisfied with the outcome. However, not all of them will do; either they don’t know how to do it or are not aware that it can help your business. By asking them to leave a review and explaining how it will be beneficial for you, you can easily encourage them to leave a testimonial about your service.


In some events, you may have captured public adjuster free leads, but you failed to follow through. For instance, you may have joined a trade show lately and have connected to some of your prospects. Unfortunately, these will remain as cold leads if you don’t reach out to them. Some people will wait for too long before reconnecting with their potential customers. These leads are expecting to receive a prompt response from you. If you handed them your business cards, don’t expect them to reach out to you first. Unlike others, these people will need your service now, and today is the best time to connect with them. Be sure that you will follow up using an informative and educational method. Provide them with added information to encourage them to take that final step. You can do this through email marketing.

Follow Up Through Email Marketing

Before crafting an email that will help you reconnect with your cold leads, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. Your template must be friendly but not too friendly, making it sound salesly or condescending. Be sure that it will be personalized. The marketing should just be enough to remind your public adjuster lead about your business, but not too much that you will sound like a pushy marketer. Remember some of our pointers below.

- The Salutation- Tell your prospect that meeting them at a trade show or the community event was nice. Tell them some of your fun recollections about the event to make it relatable to the audience. Gently remind them of your conversation and the service you can offer.

- Requesting for a Chat- After initiating an initial conversation, you may ask them for 15 minutes of their time for a small chat. This still depends upon their urgency. If you think they don’t need your service in the meantime, it might be better not to push through this idea.

- Giving Educational Information- You can add a link to any informational content you’ve written in the past. This will help them decide whether you are a good fit for them or not. Providing them with educational resources is also an excellent way to build trust and loyalty.

- Provide Solution- Determine their pain points and provide the best solution. Show them your willingness to help you with their concerns. Add some online resources that may support your claims and track record.

Nurture Your Leads

We are capturing public adjuster check leads for the purpose of converting them. Otherwise, you are only increasing your marketing expenses and not getting a return on investment. Study shows that only 21% of the non-nurtured leads will initiate sales. Lead nurturing is a long, ongoing, and tedious process. You want to make sure that you will be there at every stage of the buyer’s journey. By connecting with them during the crucial time, you can increase your conversion rate. It may seem quite complex since it covers a range of channels that needs to work together. Here are some of those channels:

- Social Media- Try to interact with your leads by sharing educational and informative content. You can also add surveys, but be sure to add simple questions. It will not only help in nurturing existing leads, but it is also useful in widening your reach.

- Retargeting- These are the people from your bounce rate and exit rate but will constantly see your advertisement on other platforms.

- Web Content- You can conduct website personalization or add the CTA to encourage them to take action. You can also refine your landing pages and blog content.

- Email Marketing- You can add in-depth content or blog articles with email marketing. You can also include news and use it for follow-ups.

- Webinars and Events- You will often find your serious public adjuster leads that are ready to be converted.

How to Nurture Your Leads

Now that you know the channels and how important it is to nurture your leads, here are some of the best ways to do this.

- Consider the Buyer’s Journey- When nurturing your leads, you have to understand their position in the buying cycle. If you want to direct them to your sales funnel, there’s a chance that they are just at the start of their buyer’s journey. They will need more information and awareness about your service or brand. Perhaps they are still unaware of their problems. Once they have identified their problem, this is another sales cycle stage. At this point, you may offer them a solution. Finally, they will come up with a decision whether to avail of your service or not.

- Personalizing Your Message- 90% of the consumers claimed that they would be willing to purchase a service or brand that is personalized according to their needs. It is more than just adding the name of your public adjuster leads to your email campaign. You may have to develop content tailored to their needs and interest. This will make them feel like they are understood and valued.

- Understanding Buyer Personas- Buyer personas are basically the digital representation of your potential buyers. With this, you will understand their challenges, habits, preference, demographics, needs, etc. You can also perform list segmentation. When segmenting your leads, never bombard them with questions just for the idea of getting lead points.

Public adjuster leads may not be easy to come by. This is especially true if you compete with other local firms within your radius of operation. The best way to capture your prospects is through the organic method. It will also produce a higher lead conversion rate.



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