Your Guide To Spring & Summer 2016: Top Headwear Trends

As Springtime approaches, it’s time to start thinking about your summer wardrobe, out with the cold and in with the new. This blog has round up key headwear trends for 2016, ranging from the ultimately chic Panama hats to the modern day baseball cap.

Today it’s not about who wears the hat, it’s about how it’s worn. With this, hats have now become the ultimate accessory for creating a stylish outfit. With an ever bigger variety of fabrics, sizes and shapes available, it’s less about the functionality and more about the wearability.

Here’s 4 headwear trends that you should really be considering this year.

1. Baseball caps

Baseball caps were first introduced by the Brooklyn Excelsiors in 1860, and have since widely grown in popularity. While traditionally mostly associated with sports, over the years baseball caps have shifted from the fields and into the hands of leading designers. With sport luxe becoming a key trend this season, it’s knowing how to incorporate a simple cap into a contemporary streetwear look.

The Classic Cap. Image Source:

A very wearable trend that adds comfort and style, the baseball cap couldn’t be any hotter! Slogan style caps are best suited for a more relaxed look whilst opting for the minimally designed cap would be ideal in more formal settings.

2. Panama Hats

Traditional brimmed straw hats originally made in Ecuador in the 17th century, Panama hats combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs, creating a lightweight and fashionable headwear item. What notably gave the hat its popularity and attraction is that genuine Panama hats can be rolled and flattened without breaking their shape. Making it an ideal hat to pack away or carry around on your summer strolls. A timeless design often seen at cricket matches, tea parties and best associated with leisurely activities.

Stylish Summer Hats for 2016. Image Source:

Keep your outfit looking chic by combining a neutral coloured Panama hat with minimal prints or lightweight garments to create a relaxed and sophisticated style.

Very lightweight, breathable and comfortable, both ladies and mens Panama hats are available in several styles. Remember to choose a style that suits you.

Genuine Panama Hat. Image Source:

3. The Bucket Hat

With it’s tomboy heritage and streetwear-inspired image, the bucket hat has been revived from our retro closets and back onto the streets. Originally designed in the 1900’s for field ploughing and mostly worn by Irish farmers, the bucket hat became a style favourite in 1990’s amongst classic R&B artists, including Lauryn Hill and LL Cool J.

The modern day bucket hat made it’s comeback thanks to iconic superstar Rihanna, setting the new fashion norm. This hat works very well with contemporary street looks, worn mostly with over-sized casual garments, and perfect to protect you against the sun.

If you are looking to channel in your inner 90’s, then this stylish hat is your best match. If this is your first time wearing the bucket hat, it is suggested to match the accessory with an outfit that has subtle colours and simple prints.

The Bucket Hat.

4. The Fedora

The iconic Fedora hat, gained its popularity in the early 20th century across Europe. The fedora provides both functional and practical qualities all year round. Whereas the classic wool and felt styles can be worn widely in the winter, the lightweight straw fedoras are best suited for the Spring and Summer seasons.

Fedoras add that effortless classy touch to any garment, whether you wish to dress up for a daytime look or to compliment a formal attire. Add that extra feminine touch with the use of light colours, brim widths and materials.

The Straw Fedora Hat.
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