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Identifying the challenges crippling the advertising industry, WeBuy introduces a disruptive solution which puts the buyer in the middle while eliminating the unnecessary middleman at the same time. The project also pioneers a new concept for blockchain-based projects by replacing inefficient ICOs with Production-Oriented Token Sales (POTS).

Current Issues with Online Advertising

While being omnipresent, online ads are continuously facing a barrage of challenges which make them far less effective. Current ad networks oftentimes deliver non-targeted ads to more than passive audiences who are also fairly defensive against such market tactics.

In the process, potential buyers oftentimes get overlooked while businesses keep expanding their budgets…

One of the most complicated questions you can ever ask anybody or product is “Who are you?”. This question dominated the first part of our interview with Emil Guberman, CEO of WeBuy, the world’s first blockchain-era, commerce platform based on geolocation.

Who is Emil Guberman

‘Who you are?’ One of the most complicated questions you can ask any person. I have been thinking about this for the last 44 years” the renowned entrepreneur revealed, as we delve into understanding the man and his identity — a man’s identity is often tied to what he does.

“I can just tell some facts. In all areas…

ICOs are not totally “dead”, but a Statis survey showed that ONLY 8% that had gone on to successfully trade on an exchange and deliver most of the promises they had given to their investors.

Failure to raise enough funds to deliver the promised goods is the crux of why most ICOs failed. WeBuy recognized this fact and formulated POTS (short for Production-Oriented Token Sale) to meet the challenges blockchain-based projects normally face after an ICO.

Here’s a quick comparison of ICO and POTS:

A topnotch ICO Advisor had issued this warning: “Lessons from mistakes of past ICOs CANNOT save…

Almost sixty percent (58.3%) of the thirty-two billion dollars ($32.90bn) advertising expenses were predicted to go into native advertising in 2018.

The actual expenditure was over sixty-eight percent (68.57%) of the predicted thirty-two billion ($32bn) dollars.

Digital, a paradigm that never stops evolving, and blockchain is the next big thing that soared through 2018 taking over the world by storm. The liberty blockchain backed innovations enjoy is seamless, just like the technology.

Blockchain stores all the data through distributed ledger technology, keeping the data dispersed over a network. Big brands like BMW are already jumping on the bandwagon.

Here comes something even better…

From the…

Online advertising, also known as internet advertising or web advertising is a form of advertising that uses the internet. The number of worldwide retail e-commerce sales is set to grow by 70% by 2021. The latest Forrester Research report projects that digital marketing expenses will make up 44% of all ad expenses.

Advertising agencies and platforms have had a selfish approach. Google pockets about $116 billion yearly, from big sellers for paid ads. Facebook earns up to $8 billion. …

The blockchain was conceived as a transparent platform by which middlemen are removed and no one controls the data which are viewable by all. DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) and Decentralization are catchwords meant to motivate success but why have so many ICOs failed?

A survey earlier this year by found that despite raising $3.88 billion in 2017 (per 46 percent of all the ICOs launched in 2017 ended as failures. The survey looked at data for over 900 crowd sales and concluded that nearly half failed either during their fundraising, or later by not delivering a product.


Going grocery shopping is a regular part of our lives. We plan our budget according to the grocery bill from the previous month and spend almost half of the next paycheck on groceries. Not everyone understands that some people have to stretch their $15,000–20, 000 a year to make ends meet. Statistics show that salaries in the US differ drastically based on the profession, gender, education, and location, some of them not allowing the workers to overspend their planned budget on groceries.

You might be able to implement several healthy habits in your shopping behaviour, but it’s tough to follow…

The press release for London fashion week makes no bones about it: “UK media coverage each season exceeds £160m,” while the value of foreign media publicity is put at £120m. Getting on for £300m of free promotion for a four-day trade show: not bad.

Fashion is among the most hyper-capitalist businesses of the lot — one that produces goods for short-term use (to be updated or thrown out every six months), sourced from all over the world and generating substantial profits for those at the top, even while those workers at the bottom face the risk of starvation (it is…

When you think e-commerce, you think about Amazon,​ which accounts ​for approximately ​43.5% ​of ​ total sales ​in ​the ​U.S. and over ​50%​ of ​the ​global market with eBay. Clearly, these names define what e-commerce is today. However, there are still imbalances in the e-commerce structure as it exists today. The most crucial is the uneven distribution of incentives in the e-commerce industry, and WeBuy seeks to correct such shortfalls.

Why Choose the WeBuy Platform?

Many of the big names that dominate the e-commerce industry offer discounts, but only on special occasions; Black Friday is the most popular occasion where you get discounts from many…

World Unemployment Data:

The World Employment and Social Outlook revealed that more women are unemployed (5.4%) in comparison with the unemployment rate of men (4.7%). This phenomenon is common in low to middle-income countries and rarely met in the upper to middle-income countries. WeBuy has proposed a strategy to reduce the unemployment rate.

“Especially in our current economic downturn, it is crucial that we pursue national policies that promote innovation to ensure that there will be enough prosperity to carry on into the next generation.” — Gary Shapiro, author of New York Times best-selling books.


On-demand Platform for Buyers and Sellers on the Blockchain. WeBuy is an decentralized economy, reinventing the relationship between Buyers and Sellers.

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