We Buy Houses Houston — A Balancing Act

Ever wondered if We Buy Homes in any condition ads are real? You would have seen advertisements and flyers of We Pay Cash for Homes everywhere in your neighborhood. All these urge homeowners to contact them for help. There are reliable and professional real estate agents who understand the plight of homeowners who are unable to dispose their property.

Homeowners should consider ‘We buy houses Houston’ services when
• They cannot sell their property on time
• Their listing has expired
• They are facing a divorce situation
• They are bankrupt
• They are in probate
• They are in foreclosure
• They are expecting a transfer
• Vacant homes
• Evicting tenants
• Damaged homes

Generally these services are free from commission or fee. In most cases the real estate agents keep a percentage on the property to be sold and make money out of it. The owner on the other end need not worry about beautifying the property for walkthroughs or worry about spending on advertisement. In most cases they pay for the title policies or even skip the process. The cash is delivered to the owner based on the equity position. The strategy is to negotiate a price that is comfortable both ways.

Determine the net profit with the following
• The home is valued below 80% of market value leaving your equity discounted by over 50%
• Buyer take over mortgage payments
• They close the deal quicker to get you off the mortgage hook

In most cases the fast cash buyer will sell the house to the conventional buyer at a higher price after some repairs and clearing the outstanding dues on the property. In any case you are relieved of the selling process and get quick cash on hand to move on with your activities.

Contact Info:

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