We are glad to announce the official partnership between WeBuy and MyKingdom.

MyKingdom is a free P2E game based in an ancient 3D virtual world of great civilizations. Players can earn crypto and be a part of MyKingdom Metaverse’s thriving economy. Players can use their NFTs to fight, explore, gather, stake, buy, and sell land, treasures, cards, and other in-game commodities.

Explore the vast world of MyKingdom and earn your rewards.

MyKingdom NFTs will be available for rent on WeBuy in the future. Together, we will expand the NFT, GameFi, and Metaverse as we connect players from all over the world to create a better gaming environment.

MyKingdom Official Channels:

Website: https://www.mykingdom.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Aus_MYK



We have released v2.0 of our official docs as our services and Roadmap have been updated.

Since its launch, WeBuy has been monitoring the needs and conditions of the market. Therefore, we’ve decided to launch a service that suits the current market.

WeBuy’s first service will be WeRent, a platform for borrowing and lending NFTs on a p2p basis.

As P2E NFTs and NFTs with more utility will be released and grow, WeRent was found to link with this market. We will create value for NFTs that are simply asleep in your wallet. We will also improve the quality of our overall platform and services by introducing and implementing the services we’ve planned before.

Please refer to the following link for detailed information:

Official Website: https://webuynft.xyz/

Official Docs: https://webuynft.gitbook.io/werent/