It’s a content jungle out there.

Here are 5 points to consider before producing and marketing content, that will give you a better chance of getting a lion’s share of the online audience.

Format; video, photos, infographics, keep the text short as a general rule! Make sure photos are visually strong, funny or interesting. If you want to go into more depth provide a link in the copy to a blog post, longer video on your YouTube channel/ website etc.

Content; How to do stuff- make sushi, take better photos etc. …

If you want to sell goods or services through Facebook or any other social media platform you need a method to convert those visitors who have discovered/ become aware of/ are interested in your offering, to then go on and make a purchase.

Even though it has been adapted it over the years, the basic foundation of the sales/ marketing funnel was formalized as A.I.DA, more than a century ago.

A.I.D.A is:

  1. Awareness: A person becomes aware of a brand, product or service, through your own marketing efforts, referrals from friends/ contacts, research online etc. …

Filming video with smartphones is now the norm on social media. The quality of video on modern smartphones is equivalent to, or sometimes better than, an expensive camcorder. And of course, your phone fits in your pocket.

So here are 5 simple tips to help you make better videos on your smartphone:

  1. Set Up. Clean the lens. Set the phone to airplane mode. Set the video resolution to 4K or 1080 HD to get the best video quality and set your frame rate- frames per second- to 30 fps or 60 fps for action video. …

Linkedin recently announced that they are launching a live video streaming service in the US, with other countries being added shortly. According to Linkedin, video is the fastest growing content format on its platform and ´the one most likely to get people talking´. It is therefore a natural expansion of its offering to its 600 million global users.

As the premier platform for business people worldwide, live video on Linkedin has enormous potential for brands and individuals.

Marketing for startups is a little different than for established companies for obvious reasons such as startups having fewer funds and usually less experience.

However, there are a lot of quick, easy and effective tactics to leverage your marketing efforts. Here are 5 simple but effective tips:

Fish, where the fish are, is an old marketing truism. However, on social media, it’s important to use the right bait. Platforms like Linkedin and Twitter are better for a B2B marketing plan, but Facebook and Instagram are better for B2C marketing. [ How to Get Seen and Shared on Social Media..]


Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform in 2018 and is expected to pass 1 billion users worldwide this year. The average user also spends more time on Instagram than they do on Facebook. Here are 5 simple tips that will increase engagement levels for your brand on Instagram.

Begin with an End Goal

Why are you posting on Instagram? If you’re just posting up a few photos and hoping for the best you’ll get nowhere. Be focused on what you want to achieve and have a plan to achieve it. Here are the considerations that will be the basis of your strategy:

  • What…

How does Instagram organize its users’ feeds? That’s something social media marketers need to know but Instagram have kept to themselves. Until now!

Instagram recently announced the 6 key factors it takes into account when it places content in your feed.

How much Instagram predicts you’ll want to see or engage with a post, based on your past behaviour on similar content.

Instagram prioritizes the most recent posts, and your relationship to the poster is of course also considered.

The majority of content viewed online in 2018, will be video!

Here are 5 key insights and statistics that make a compelling case that the a video marketing strategy should be the core factor in your content marketing plans.

73% of All Internet Traffic in 2016 was Video.

According to Cisco it will be 82% of internet traffic by 2021.

Here are 5 easy steps to take to increase your organic reach on Facebook.

  1. Join the Crowd- Facebook are now putting a lot more emphasis on community. More than 1 billion people use Facebook Groups every month, they are free to use and there are thousands of them, so you will find a ready audience for your content there. In the unlikely event that there isn’t one covering your area of interest, then form your own. Quite often people use groups to ask questions. Check out some of the most asked for information and write a blog post addressing those…

So, you made your video and it looks great. But will it work as well on Instagram as it will on Facebook?

The social media platform- and device- that your audience will view it on should be a key consideration before you produce the video.

Here’s a brief list of simple tips for creating videos on the most common social media platforms for business.


Best for- Short, informative or fun videos that work without sound.

Optimal Length- No limit, but 30 to 60 seconds is the best length.

Expert Tip- Upload natively-directly to Facebook- don’t link from YouTube, to get…

Paul Henderson

Content Strategist. Worked on projects for Bloomberg, Microsoft & Local Gov't. Bootstrapped a travel site & remote worked from Central America for 10 yrs.

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