The H1B visa scam and the invasion of the wobbly heads

There are 320 million people in these United States of of America. 320 million fecking people. We have record unemployment and 10’s of thousands of unemployed software engineers who can’t find work. But they will tell you there is a shortage of qualified candidates and they can’t find Americans with degrees in computer science or know how to program a web-page.

So guess what. lets import yet again even more fucking wobble heads and add to the wobble heads we already have here. We have been doing that now systemically now for over 20 years. Oh we can’t find people here they will say.

That is a bold face FUCKING LIE of the highest order.

Are you telling me that we can’t find a Java, Nodejs, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Golang , sql programmer anywhere on these shores and that we need to import labor from a third world shithole? Most of the languages where invented here for Christ's sake and we can’t find people to use them?

It’s a in your face lie to drive down wages and kill the american middle class.

These wobble heads have come in year after year and slowly ran over every I.T department in the country. Don’t believe me, go in for an interview and see for yourself. They can’t even speak proper English for fuck sake. Originality? Go see a Bollywood movie. Just see the one mind you because if you have seen one, you have seen them all.

The majority of them lie have lied about their qualifications. There are no degrees most of the time, some of them mind you might have went to a little kiddie script programming class or two. They only hire other wobble heads, and have no great love of the field or craft. I am not lying . Get on Github right this very second and look up any open source project. Look at the percentage of contributions made by a wobble head? There is next to zero. Yet they have the majority of all the I.T jobs. Name a programming language invented by a wobble head?, Name a web framework invented by a wobble head ? Are you starting to get the picture? There are none. Absolutely fuck all. There is no great love or creative streak in them. To them it’s just a job.

They have come here, lied and stole our jobs and our prosperity.
If you are an American company and you have contributed to this mess. SHAME ON YOU. And if you an american unemployed software engineer I can only say I am so sorry for your situation and let’s start to fight back.