So, by this completely rational view of the “pie,” it is, in fact, trending towards a zero sum game.
An open letter to Paul Graham
Rick Webb

Thanks for a really measured/thoughtful and respectful response. One thought on the “pie size”… Since 1930, the percentage of $ that folks spend on food has declined from 24% to about 9%. Clothing from 11% to 3%. Energy down slightly at 6% (despite the massive amount of new gadgets in our lives). I can’t find data on housing, but I did find a graph showing that % spent on food+housing+clothing has declined from 55% to 32%. Calories per capita consumed is way up (maybe a touch too far!). We used to spend tremendous sums to fly across the country, to make a phone call out of state, etc.(note: all of this data is from a few minutes of googling — these stats might be crap).

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