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Alex a few months after we started dated on the left. A pretty recent photo (in Thailand) on the right.
  1. Quickly Catching you Up: Alex’s Death & memorials
  2. 3 pieces of advice about Death and Love
  3. “How is Tony doing?”
  4. Get to know Alex (better)

Alex’s Death and Memorials

To catch you up: Alex died on July 17th. She was fishing in Alaska at the mouth of the Kenai River — one of her favorite places in the world. She went to this fishery each of the 20 years we were together, even after we moved away from Alaska. She was with one of her best friends. …

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A screenshot of one of my Instagram posts from 2013. Her smile was purest when she was harvesting stuff to share (honey from her bees, eggs from her chickens, veggies from her garden, or fish from Alaskan rivers)

Hello, friend. My wife Alex died on July 17 — one week ago as I type this message. She died suddenly and painlessly. Her last minutes were in one of her favorite places, with one of her favorite people, doing one of her favorite things. We should all hope we can die in a beautiful moment like that — though perhaps not so soon. She’s among the 1% of registered organ donors who actually donate organs to other individuals, as the combination of brain death and healthy bodies is apparently quite rare. I’m holding together thanks to the kindness of tons of family, friends, acquaintances, and near-strangers. …


Tony Wright

Product leader / designer. Occasional angel investor / advisor. Founder @glowforge / @rescuetime (YC08). Sabbatical-ing for the summer. Wondering what's next.

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