How the Italian government can improve the system prenota

Blocking robots

The first problem can be minimized using the reCAPTCHA, system that is to prevent bots from being able to perform online scheduling, the main complaint of the undersigned.

UX optimizations

The scheduling changes for each city that is requested, however the period is systematically registered, allowing the construction in a single screen the view of the entire scheduling process. Although simple, this small adjustment has considerably reduced the number of pages that must be loaded and processed by the server, allowing more users to access the system or minimize the interaction time of the same user with the system, making the process more effective and at a lower cost to the citizen and to the Italian government itself.

Schedule page
Request without cache
After Browser cache

Symphony in 3 Movements

All the images below were digitally constructed to demonstrate how the changes would be:

1. Be direct

When there are no available dates, just show one objective message

2. Show only open dates

Showing all dates available on a single request

3. Change the process

A more dramatic solution is to allow the registration without the need of scheduling, in this way the applicant receives a request code and receives an email when it is his turn to choose the dates to present the documentation.
E-mail notifications can be sent to inform the approximate waiting time as the queue goes by, this is a positive transparency model that ends up with the possibility of selling a vacancy.
To ensure even more that requests are not made to be sold, the applicant can be requested to register previously the people with the ID(CPF in the case of Brazil) who will ask for citizenship.



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