Almost 20 years ago I took a bold step and moved abroad for almost two years.
Dale Yuzuki

I was driving on gravel road while heading to Sossusvlei. I was a few hours into my drive when I went down a small hill. I started losing control of the car and then began veering to the left side of the road. I think my rear tire went out. I still thought I could control the car but I must have hit a bank of rocks and I was suddenly updside down. Time seemed to slow down at that moment. The only thing running through my head was, “this is definitely not good”.

I ended up walking away from the accident unhurt but covered in small pieces of glass. I even found small pieces of glass in my hair a week later. A lady and her kids stopped about 20 minutes after the accident and helped me by calling the rental car company. I waited on the side of the road for the next four hours. Only three other cars passed by. There must have been some miscommunication with the towing truck because I ended up waiting until sunset without a soul in sight. I ended up having to set up my tent behind some bushes further up the road. I was about to sleep when I heard a car in the distance and so I ran out. It was the same lady that had helped me earlier and so I ended up camping at their place. When we got to their village we found the tow truck. The driver was waiting there because he had no idea where I was.

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