Listen, people.

I called my doctor a few weeks ago — to ask him how I could help. I’d heard from another friend/patient that my doctor needed office triage, so I called. It was that simple. And the friend was right. My doctor needed a lot of help. I didn’t solve all of his problems, but I didn’t call with that offer. I called because I like my doctor, he was in a mess, and I wanted to see what I could do.

Help comes in many forms — the simplest being listening. The starting point for recovery is often just that. Having someone who will truly listen. I’m not talking about notepad and couch counseling. I’m talking about listening to a friend in need (rants, complaints, thoughts, ideas, ramblings, sobs, laughter). Sometimes knowing that you HAVE someone that will hear all of those things without judgment is ALL you need (whether you tell them or not).


most often ENCOURAGES

almost always SOFTENS the present challenge

is something almost EVERYONE could do

requires you to THINK about someone else

could change EVERYTHING

We’re not on earth for ourselves, like it or not. We’re here for community. Reach out now. There are billions of opportunities to help.

Listen for it.

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