Access: The Richest Experience

Recent growth has triggered a demand for new talent, and we’d like to hear from you. We are looking for motivated, and articulate interns to play a pivotal role in increasing customer engagement, on-site sales, and overall awareness. This role is significant.

Here’s the thing. On the side of the real-experience, mentorship sessions, interview/resume workshops, and investment in your professional career, you’re going to be working in an environment where you are the king/queen of the castle. You will hold the keys to some of the most popular bars in DC; bars people from all over wait up to 2 hours to get into. You are providing people access to exactly what they came out to get, in a way that they’ve never experienced before.


  • Sales Experience 
    (Preferably Door-To-Door, Automotive, or Direct Sales)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Comfortable in a non-digital marketing environment
  • Free on weekends (Primarily Friday/Saturday) between 11:30pm-2am for On-Site customer engagement
  • 5–10 hours per week working remote or on-site with clients


Sell yourself. Based on experience and results, payment is negotiable.

Minimum: 3–6 Internship Credits & Networking Opportunities

If we were to ask you on a scale from 1–10, 10 being fired up and 1 being you are seconds away from clicking out of the page, how interested are you in this position? What would you say?

To the 7s and above, we know that you want more than this professionally. We know this because we have been in your shoes. However, we know that just 3-months with us will make you a far more competitive candidate when you look forward into your next opportunity. Come increase your stock with us. Not many can say they are investing in their people so they can take a step up when they move on.

Apply Here:
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