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WeChat, a multi-purpose application developed by Tencent, become one of the key places where businesses promote their brands on a major holiday sales — like Children’s Day for instance.

Children’s Day is celebrated across the country. This special day takes place on June 1 each year in China wherein nearly all kindergarten and elementary schools will take a half-day class just to commemorate the festival with the kids and their respective parents.

To celebrate this holiday, various luxury brands brought up WeChat campaigns that caught the attention of many users as they aim to build an emotional connection with the parents in China.

Longchamp’s Nylon Handbags for Parents

One of these innovative campaigns is Longchamp. Their campaign voiced out that Children’s Day is not only for kids to celebrate, as ‘maturing kids’ or Adults have to put their works aside and enjoy the day as well. The brand encouraged parents to purchase their signature nylon handbags which can be customized and bought on the link of

Longchamp in the WeChat store.

A privilege to enter a lottery for a chance of winning two admission tickets (for 1 adult and 1 kid) to Shanghai Disneyland was given to whoever purchased greater than 2 Longchamp nylon bags earlier than June 1. Approximately 7,343 readers viewed this campaign just days before the Children’s Day on June 1.

Dior’s Baby Dior Autumn/Winter Collection 2018

Dior, on the other hand, used the coming Children’s Day as a chance to promote Baby Dior 2018 Autumn/Winter Collection to Chinese customers. Four kids from China who gained fame from ‘Where Are We Going, Dad’ were invited to participate in the campaign. These kids struck poses wearing Baby Dior outfits, making the product look fascinating to parents. Dior announced their official website after the post — with 50,844 viewers and 153 likes and still counting.

Herme’s Baby Products

Hermes took Children’s Day to promote their products to the parents of Chinese babies. Proposed daily schedules were found on the campaign page. The schedules aimed to help the readers to know what the baby should be doing at a particular time. Hermes aimed to let the parents know that its own baby products are the best gift they could possibly get for Children’s Day. The campaign was viewed 21,192 times with 345 likes as of this writing.

Burberry’s Fashion for Children

To commemorate Children’s Day, Burberry set out a campaign on WeChat showing fashionable children. Various styling ideas were also found in the campaign. In order to make a purchase, a link was posted under each picture. The campaign has accumulated a total of 22,701 views.

Ralph Lauren’s Children’s Day Gift List

Lastly, Ralph Lauren, an American luxury fashion brand, posted a ‘Children’s Day Gift List’ on WeChat on May 29. The aim of the said post was to promote the POLO line of the brand to its Chinese consumers. Aside from that, various styling recommendations for both genders were also given. Major stores of the brand were also decorated in accordance with Children’s Day on June 1 and 2 in which encouraged parents to bring along their children to the said stores to do colored drawing and painting. The readers of the post were able to see the map that showed the location of Ralph Lauren stores just by clicking ‘Read More’ on the campaign post.

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