My Month Long Journey Creating a Real Estate Podcast

  • Managing a presence on social media/ marketing
  • Project management
  • Developing knowledge in scheduling
  • Podcast knowledge
  • Knowledge about real estate
  • Organization using tech tools to plan out my month
  • Giving myself enough time for interviews before the months end.
  • Being too lenient about the scheduled interviews. I worked more with the person I wanted to interview than they worked with me.
  • Not hitting my episode quota, which I am really disappointed in.
  • Investing in podcast essentials such as a microphone and headphones to make it official.
  • Focusing on ways to reach a larger audience through ads and marketing. I definitely want to grow my instagram following and creating other social media accounts such as twitter.
  • Reaching out to more potential guests to interview, maybe even from out of state.
  • Creating a cleaner schedule for my episodes and sticking to it.
Click here to listen to my first episode!
Click here to listen to my second episode!
  • I can forgo a month long project from day one to day 28 and getting through the ups and downs.
  • I am comfortable doing the uncomfortable.
  • I can learn new skills.
  • I am able to do anything I set my mind to.




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Angelique Weckenmann

Angelique Weckenmann

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