Interiors …organized?

Designers are often great at their craft because they can see the big, beautiful picture. They get colors, furniture placement, scale, fabric selections and so on. But where most designers excel in getting that picture perfect room pulled together(worthy of a magazine feature or at the very least, Pinterest), behind the scenes, they could be a hot mess drowning in piles of paperwork, paint chips, fabric swatches, invoices, and receipts. We recently sat down with our go-to organization guru — she’s a woman of many hats who designs interiors and events, with such style and grace. Denise Gordon of The Organized Home was gracious enough to give us some sound tips on how she get’s it all done in an organized fashion.

From Interiors to Events, Denise does it all!

MH: What are three key things that you need for staying organized in a design business?

DG: 1) Become one with your calendar 2) have efficient, but fluid operational processes 3) Leverage yourself when/wherever you can.

MH: When thinking about profitability, where do designers tend to find setbacks? How do you navigate around this challenge?

DG: From my experience, I would say that we many times give too many things away for free (i.e., poor planning with how much time selling and providing our services may actually take, losing control of access to our sources and resources to clients, not pricing our services and/or offerings in a way that is equitable to our worth and allows for profitability. We are all creatives, but that should not take away from our understanding of what it means to run a business. In the end, profitability equals sustainability!

MH: I know you work with organization, design, and event styling. You’re a jack of many trades! Why is organization so important to those of us who are in the creative field?

DG: At the core of what we do, is to help our clients see and realize possibilities. Hard to see what can be or to think clearly about how to transition to a new phase if you are surrounded by chaos and clutter (literally & figuratively). It’s the same for us! Being organized and creates the capacity needed to not only help our clients see and realize their possibilities, but also our own as designers and business owners. Now, what being organized looks like could be different based on where you are as a business and how you are structured — a conversation for another day!

Wecora is used to simplify the vision for the client!
Keeping all the accessories visually in one place (and on the back end, Denise keeps up with the prices!)

MH: How has Wecora helped you in your efforts to be efficient and organized?

DG: So, the good news in this story is that our business was growing and as a result we needed to ensure that our design and operational processes were able to keep up with the increased demand (i.e., invoicing, sourcing products and tracking feedback for client, etc.). No kidding! We spent the majority of the first part of the year looking for viable solutions to support this need. Specifically related to sourcing products and keeping track of client feedback, my inbox was a hot mess and sorting through dates and times and clients to find information I needed became frustrating and ridiculously time consuming.

Now, the great news in this story is when I learned about Wecora from another designer! It was literally the “AHA” moment that I had been waiting to have all year! Integrating Wecora into our operations has been transformational and it is now the hub and a key component of our client communication process. All products we source for client projects, client feedback & conversations, changes/updates made to project boards and project activity reports are all in one place organized by clients.

Added bonus, which I love, is the ability to create a clean presentation for what the client sees while protecting (and keeping private) all of the details on our sources and pricing. I say all that to say, Wecora has significantly contributed to our company/designers being more efficient and organized with our overall client communications.

We are so honored that Wecora is a key part of Denise’s success and that we help her leverage her time! Thank you, Denise. We enjoyed getting picking your brain a bit!

“Denise Gordon is a multi-talented interior decorating and home organizing systems master. This former HR professional with 20+ years’ experience launched her Brooklyn based firm, The Organized Home (TOH) in 2007. Seeing a need for her services, Denise tapped into her creative side, merged it with her business background and sprang into action building a business targeting professionals, realtors and sophisticated dwellers. In addition to being Principal and Creative Director of her firm, Denise serves as the Lifestyle Editor for and hosts two home makeover series, “The Organized Home”, sponsored by The Home Depot and “Fab in a Flash”, sponsored by IKEA Atlanta. Both web shows feature tips on decorating, entertaining and home organizing.

Denise sits on the board of Housing Works Inc. and earned both a B.A. and MBA from Bentley University. She is the proud wife and mother of two, currently residing in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.” Follow along with her here: