We Crave the Beauty :: of intense awareness__are you aware of your own knowings…?

(and just how down with Reality do you believe you are you)

snipped from a forum >>discussion<<

the mind : a simple tool for dissection – a deadly way in facing this Miracle of Life

…and how is it even possible to live a human life, heart pumping and all, only to fail in realizing your very personal part|play in all of this?

– there might just be a lot about yourself you have yet to come to.

Within the center of every situation the trace of lesson, the pattern of insight that awaits you there, is like a seed. A present just for you. Do you receive the gift by digesting it?

Fine lines flutter and the recesses in the veiled balance of your being|awareness takes up a subtle interplay of exchange and a dance takes place. That between your being and that of the Background of Reality.

the full article is <<here>>

spoken word poetry inspired by this strange experience is >>here<<

a love note retrieval

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