Jewelry Essentials for a Working Marathi Woman After Marriage

When we talk about the jewelry of a newlywed Marathi girl, there are many options to wear like Mangalsutra, toe rings, anklet, nose ring, bangles, hair pieces, head pieces etc as per Marathi matrimony. But these traditional jewelry is of no use when you go to workplaces. Bling items should not be there in your jewelry kit. The jewelry should be simple and elegant enough to be worn in offices. Some classic pieces must be there in the jewelry box if you are a working woman.


Here are some jewelry essentials for a working Marathi woman after marriage:

Watches — You should wear a watch at least when you are new to any organization. It will keep you punctual that is necessary for the initial impression. It must not be an expensive watch, but it can be a simple one so you can be aware of time.

Small earrings — Buy two to three pairs of earrings in good metals. Wear small studs that ‘hug’ your ears. These are the most comfortable when you talk on phone calls.

An elegant looking pearl set — There should be a nice set of pearls which may be real or faux for those days when you want to wear something but don’t know what to wear. It looks very nice on interviews. It can be noticed that women carry them on major networking events like gala dinners and conferences. In case you are not comfortable wearing pearls, then you have many options like basic but solid looking gold or silver necklaces.

Short necklaces — Short necklaces look elegant enough at workplaces.

Simple pendant necklace — If you want to buy a good gemstone that is meaningful for you, then a simple pendant necklace is a great option.

Layered pendant necklaces — These necklaces look very delicate and interesting if worn in a right way.

Opera-length necklaces — They are not in trend now-a-days, but they look classy especially if they are made from simple beads.

Statement rings — While shopping them, give a heed on quality and avoid bling. A wide range of these rings can be found, which may make your colleagues say, “wow, cool ring.”

Stackable rings — These rings are found with different initials and different coloured gemstones. Buy rings which are meaningful for you.

Brooches — They are in at one season and not in at the other, but they give you the classic look you want. They are must haves in your jewellery box if you are a working woman.

Here are some suggestions for a newlywed working woman:

Noise is never good — That clinking of bangles and tinkling of earrings…ohh! That can be so irritating for your colleagues in the office. If anything you are wearing makes noise while typing or walking down the hallway, then just don’t wear it at your office.

Avoid bling — If you are buying jewellery especially for office purpose then just avoid bling and shine. Avoid wearing diamond jewellery at your workplace. Wear only elegant looking jewellery.

Be simpler —Marathi matrimony is simple and so is the jewellery. But these should be simpler if you want to put on some on working days. Try not to wear many accessories when you go to your workplace. Be as simple as you can. Do not wear more than four accessories at a time. These four can include earrings, watch, necklace and wedding rings most of the times.

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