Jewelry Essentials for a Working Oriya Woman After Marriage

Marriages in Oriya matrimony community take place with fervor by following each and every tradition. Oriya girls take pleasure in make-up with the help of best Jewelry and look to adorn themselves with finest accessories as well as make-up styles. Once marriage takes place, it becomes important for every Oriya bride to reflect a feel of marriage with her personality and for this purpose Jewelry play a perfect part.


Oriya girls who decide to continue working after marriage should do so while making sure that they dress and make-up like a married woman and Jewellary plays a crucial role in it. Here are few Jewellary essentials that is essential for every married women at work place to look simply beautiful-

Mangalsutra — This particular Jewellary is a must have and reflects quite suitably the marital status of a woman. Mangalsutra is not only important rather it looks quite beautiful and enhances the beauty of the wearer manifold. Newlyweds Oriya girl should and must look to adorn this one Jewellary on regular basis and this can certainly increase her beauty while giving her quite a proud feel.

Earrings –One essential Jewellary without which no makeup can get complete, earrings are a must have for every newlywed Oriya at work place after the marriage. It is your choice whether you want to wear a small one or large one and it can look absolutely beautiful if it is made up of gold. Since, Oriya girls have a little dusky complexion, gold looks quite beautiful on them and give them a perfect look.

Bangles — If after mangalsutra, there is any Jewelry that states the marital status of a woman in Oriya matrimony, then it has to be bangles. In Oriya tradition, the girl is supposed to wear the chuda and bangle for one month after the marriage and this makes bangles quite an important Jewelry for her. Every Oriya girl must wear bangle on regular basis and this after marriage for a certain time and this surely gives her the feel and enhances her overall personality.

Finger rings — Apart from engagement ring, a nice looking elegant finger ring can certainly help the girl feel quite special and simply beautiful about her. Finger rings can be chosen in variety of designs and colour patterns and it gets important for the bride that she wear it regularly to complete her look and appear classy at all times at the place of work. Finger rings are surely a perfect way to look elegant and classy without making much effort.

Toe rings and anklet- For newly-wed girls in Odisha, it becomes quite important that set their foot outside by wearing essential Jewellary. Toe rings and anklet two such important Jewellary that should be and must be worn while going to work. Though toe ring and anklet does not help enhance the beauty, still they reflect a sort of beauty and make every married woman appear quite classy and elegant. Anklets when wore with traditional dress appear extremely beautiful and help women add elegance to their overall style.

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