Must-Have Foot Wear for Every Newlywed Oriya Girl

Marriage is definitely one of the most memorable events in the life of every girl and similar feeling is experienced by an Oriya girl. Since Oriya matrimony is treated as highly special and traditional, girls here are required to follow certain traditions to make their marriage special. Every girl looks simply amazing and beautiful at the time of marriage and it becomes her responsibility to carry that beautiful appeal and elegance even after the marriage. Any office going girl who decides to work after marriage should dress in a way that reflects her marital status and it is for this purpose footwear play quite a significant role. Newly married girls should opt for footwear that look vibrant and stylish and that make them feel quite special. Given below are some different types of footwear that a newly married Oriya girl must look to have –


Embellished kitten heels-

Simple and attractive, embellished kitten heels can make any Oriya girl arrive in confidence at the place of their work or to any other place of public gathering. The embellished shoes or sandals with kitten heels look highly attractive when selected in a perfect design and you can team up the sandal with a perfect traditional dress to look quite stylish and simply attractive. These sandals come in variety of options and make you feel quite confident.

Bling on heels in gold and silver –

When after the marriage you are going for a party or to any social gathering, you want to look gracious and simply stylish. At this time you can pair the bling on heels in gold or silver colour with a traditional wear or stylish outfit and can look tall and confident. The best thing about bling heels is that they cover your entire foot and enhance the beauty of the foot quite perfectly. When you select bling heels with care you tend to look quite glamorous and stylish.

Wedge heels or platforms

Since, Oriya matrimony is quite an extensive and exhaustive affair, you sort of get tired after the wedding. It is at this time you can look to opt for wearing wedge heels or platforms to feel comfortable and relaxed. The best thing about such heels is that they come with relaxing base and make you feel at ease. Since wedge heels come in variety of colour and designs, they give you the facility to feel fashionable while providing you perfect relaxation and easiness with toes.

Juttis or Mojaris — There are few things that women look for comfort and Juttis or Mojaris is one among them. Being and Oriya girl, you need to look at your best and Juttis or Mojaris can make you look quite beautiful and simply attractive. These Juttis come in variety of designs and give you a perfect feel that certainly enhances your overall dressing style and makes you appear as elegant and simply perfect. The best thing about Mojaris is that they sort of can be worn with any dress and give you quite relaxation.

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