Must Have Hair Accessories for a Newlywed Brahmin Bride

Talking of brides, every culture has a set of rules set for the brides that only help them look super gorgeous and stunning on their special day. For a Brahmin bride, the wedding attire and the jewelry is something a step off the rocket science. The entire look ahs to so on point that it is a tough judgment to be able to match all the standards of being the Brahmin bride.

Here’s a list of hair accessories that is a must in case of the Brahmin brides, the newlywed bride is supposed to groom herself up for a certain time in the beginning to give out the fresh and best vibes in and around her house, also to stay positive throughout.

  1. The traditional headpiece consists of three pieces that have been attached at the center that comes exactly above the forehead, in the centre. It is embedded with precious stones, like diamonds or emeralds or ruby. Some families believe that this traditional headpiece is more of an astrological significance and hence they have the headpiece carved out of the stone that matches with the zodiac of the bride.
  2. The sun and the moon- It is another type of headpiece that brides of Brahmin households prefer wearing on either sides of their head. It is usually made of the same stones as that of the three-piece headgear, and resembles the sun and the moon on either side of the head. It only signifies that a woman is the collection of the universe, comprising the sun and the moon as the mains. The Brahmin Matrimony would definitely recommend wearing both of them in your wedding. It only enhances your beauty, giving out an important message.
  3. Brides of Brahmin culture prefer plaiting their hair and having long plaits that hang down their waist. In these cases, they don’t just leave the plaits exposed and without any jewelry. Even on the plaits there is numerous designed jewelry that comes down the hair and ends just before letting the plaits go. It is made of gold in some households and has the design of Lord Krishna dancing or romancing Radha. It depends on which god the family believes, that god is engraved on the plaited jewelry.
  4. The nine hair pin accessory. It is basically worn at the back of the head where a bun is formed. There’s a lot of jewelry that usual Brahmin brides wear, nevertheless of the heaviness. One such is the nine pinned, round shaped accessory that is perfectly fit in the center of the bun. That gives a very pleasant look to the bun and is made of the stones that comprises basically of the headgear. All of the materials are related to each other and hence go in perfect sync.
  5. The garland- It is quite mandatory. It doesn’t count under the jewelries that the newlywed wears, but is definitely considered as the must have hair accessory for the Brahmin bride. We, at Brahmin Matrimony, would definitely suggest this. It is either of the Jasmine flowers or made of artificial flowers. But is always white in color.

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