When a Marathi Girl Decides to keep Working after Marriage-Merits and Demerits

The Wedding traditions and customs vary according to different ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. Marathi Matrimony involves the simplest and the least lavish cultures in the whole country.

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In the early days, only men were supposed to earn to fulfill the needs of their family. But now the time has changed. Girls are moving their step with boys. There would be no hesitance if we say that now-a –days girls are one step ahead from boys. They have passion to do something and caliber to make their existence in the society.

Many people believe that women should not work after getting married and they have a strong reason to believe so. The reason is the age-old belief that people work only to earn enough for the survival of a family and if the man of the house is capable to do this, then the woman shouldn’t step out.

In early days, culture of Marathi Matrimony was very different than that of present time. Marathi culture had some distinct rules for the women. At that time, women did only household works. But with time, things change and mentality of the people also change. Now, girls not only have the responsibilities of home but also they are responsible for professional work.

Let us talk about some of the merits and demerits of when a Marathi girl decides to keep working after marriage-


When a Marathi girl keeps working after marriage, she gains respect of her family. People respect her for being wise and knowledgeable. She starts looking at herself in a different perspective and this is the best thing that could ever happen to anyone.

By working, she becomes financially independent and that is one of the most important variables that influence the quality of a woman’s life.

By working, she learns and learning is one of the elementary pillars for personal and professional growth. She becomes a part of diverse life experiences that enriches her understanding of people, the world and life.


Everything has its own positives and negatives. For women, working after marriage has some demerits as well.

After working for so many hours continuously in office, they get so much tired. But with this, they have to look after their home and family as well. The activeness dissipates, the moment one reaches home after work. Having the same routine always without any rest may drive them to health issues. This affects the whole family, including children, and husband. If any other family member is not helping her in household activities, it may cause too much problem for her as she has to work all day all alone without any help.

Working woman is not able to give quality time to their kids. Due to this, the kids are not able to share their feelings and keep quite over the very important matters.

Working women sometimes have to go through with harassment from teasing to even sexual harassment. Whereas a non-working woman does not have to necessarily face all this and are safe at home.

Working or not working after marriage is only a matter of choice of the girl. Working after marriage doesn’t mean that a girl doesn’t want to be a part of the family, it simply means that she wants to have a career too.

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