Five easy steps to take charge of catering at your wedding

Catering is one of the major concerns when doing preparation for the wedding. There are many guests who just visit the wedding celebration to enjoy the party food. Everyone tries to serve the best food at the wedding and look for reliable caterers. If you don’t trust the caterers, you can also take responsibility. Here are a few tips to help you take charge of catering at your wedding.

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Are your wedding preparations going out of your budget? Is it getting difficult for you to find a right caterer to serve food of your choice at your wedding? Don’t you like the menu provided by the selected caterers?

Don’t let any of these problems spoil the fun of the most enjoyable and the most special moment of your life. Save time and impress the guests at your wedding by taking charge of catering. You must be thinking how to do it as catering is really a difficult responsibility to take. Don’t worry, you don’t need to cook at your own wedding. Just make the preparations and let the experts cook delicious food to relish the taste buds of the guest becoming part of your wedding celebration.

Just a little planning, and you are all set to amaze everyone by displaying your yet another talent. You can easily find professionals of outdoor catering in India to give you required support. Just have a look at the easy steps given below and you will be able to save thousands of rupees on catering services.

Step 1: Choose the theme

Deciding a theme will take away most of the stress. Doing it yourself to save a few bucks does not mean striking out all the important items. Offer your guest what they expect from a wedding party. You can also decide the theme as per the season, location (if it is a destination wedding) and time of the day.

Step 2: Decide the menu

A DIY wedding catering should include food that you can buy from the market as the main purpose is to save the time and efforts. Frozen food is the best option if your wedding includes only a limited number of guests. If your wedding is in summers, you can contact ice cream distributors in India to serve a variety of ice creams. This is one of the most visited stalls in any wedding.

Step 3: Choose a food leader

As you will not get time on your wedding day to oversee the arrangements made by the caterers and to check the food quality, it is better to delegate the responsibility to a friend or a family member. Choosing a friend who loves food is a good choice as you can rely about the good quality of food. Choose a leader among all the people you have selected to take responsibility of the catering department and coordinate them well to ensure that everything goes as you planned.

Step 4: Divide the job

To ensure that everything goes smooth, divide the job between different people and assign them particular stalls. Indian weddings usually have snacks, drinks and main food stalls. So you can assign specific stalls to different people to take away extra burden from them and give them ample scope to pay full attention to their work. This is makes people clear about their tasks and gives them opportunity to work their best.

Step 5: Make a checklist

Make a checklist of all the works and give a copy of it to every member taking responsibility of catering.

Some easy food ideas:

  • Salads as you don’t have to worry about the spices and the taste
  • Desserts like ice cream. You can easily find ice cream parlor in India that serves at the weddings.
  • Cake and beverages like coffee, cold drinks, juices and shakes.

Use the tips given here to make your wedding more memorable and budget friendly. You can also take help of some experts. And if you still find it difficult, search for expert outdoor wedding caterers in India at wedding directory to ease out all the process.

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