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These are some incredible shots which truly total the scope of the day and we were in lines on the photographs of the best wedding photographer in Kanpur. I was extremely awed at your photograph aptitudes amid the conga — I recall you running in reverse while taking photographs and the outcomes are awesome. My life partner kidded about my extreme wedding arranging and spreadsheets in his discourse and most would agree I made him totally bonkers with my journey to locate the ideal picture taker. Of the considerable number of parts of a wedding, the photography was the most essential to me and I took a gander at a variety of photographers.

Photographer in Kanpur work emerged by a mile and the outcomes have even surpassed our desires. Puneet has a stunning ability for catching minutes in such a masterful way and influencing the watcher to feel like they are in that spot amidst it all. I am SO happy we discovered you as I can’t envision anybody reporting our day as immaculate as he has done. You were additionally incredible on the day and we trust you likewise felt welcome from our family and companions.