Wellington Wedding Photography

Wedding is one of the most precious and cherished days of your life. With the never ending and exhaustive to-do-list which demands your attention, you eventually end up making arrangements than enjoying the special day. One of the most significant aspects of any wedding planning is always put on back burner — your wedding photography.

Wedding photography is prominent because it is mainly the only tangible remnant of your special day. Though arranging the venue, picking the right wedding dress, selecting caterers and rolling out invitations are equally important, they won’t seem of much importance 20 years down the line from now. What will be everlasting is wedding photography, the treasure trove of memories from all events which transpired on your D day. Planning for your wedding photographer Wellington is henceforth a must. Pick Reminiscences Wedding Studios that aims to surpass your expectations.

Reminiscence Wedding Studio is one of the experienced and professional wedding photographer Wellington based in Australia, whose job is to document the genuine emotion and moments. We have spent all these years covering weddings across the country. We have photographed celebrities, leaders and royalty weddings which claim of documentary style. Portraying a story of your beautiful day, through emotions and real moments is our objective.

Why pick Reminiscence Wedding Studio as your Wellington wedding photographers?

Ø We, as Wellington wedding photographer, believe in philosophy that wedding is a series of events which must be conveyed through beautifully crafted images

Ø We capture an innovative and while new essence of your wedding day in the most effortless manner

Ø We are acknowledged as premier wedding videographer and photographer in Wellington, with foundation deeply laid in wedding journalism

Ø Our work is finely inspired by fashion and fine art photography, with results being creative, crisp and clean.

Ø Our photographs reflect romance, emotions, fun and colors for we don’t just click pictures, but capture moments which create cherished memories.

From weddings to engagements, baby showers to receptions, we specialize in shooting pictures on all different occasions. Most of the weddings that we capture are unique, memorable, beautiful celebration and intimate in their own way. Our intention is not to make you feel embarrass with different poses, but to help you know more of each other by being more close to each other in comfortable poses through wedding photography Wellington.

The photographs from your special “Wedding” day should provide memories that last for entire lifetime. They are considered mementos which invoke range of emotions which you probably felt on the wedding day and which are felt even now, many years after your wedding. Taking a little extra care in picking up the precise wedding photographers Wellington and eventually planning ahead for those special shots will help you remember the moments in long way. This will add attraction level to your wedding album, creating it a master and center piece for everyone.

So if you too want your wedding album to be loved by all, rather than lying in some dusty attic, then reach out to Reminiscence Wedding Studio for bench marked Wellington wedding photography.