The Perfect Solution to an Age-long Problem


I remember those days when we would come back home from school to discover that Grandma forgot to turn off the stove, left the tap running, fell down while trying to come down the stairs or lost her way when going to see a friend. The look of anguish on my dad’s face was always heartbreaking.

A lot of people have aged ones that need care and guidance, but due to their busy schedules, it becomes a very challenging task that takes a toll on them. This lack of adequate attention and care has led to so many casualties amongst our aged ones.

Problem Statement

I am a professional civil engineer managing a number of sites for my company. Usually, I set out very early in the morning and return home very late due to the nature of my work. I have two kids, my wife and aged mum under my roof. I love my family so much as well as my mum. Everyday, I drop my wife at her office and my kids at their school, but my mum is always home alone, lonely and most times struggling to help herself.

CARE 1.0 App as a Proposed Solution

Homes with a reliable caregiver would be assured that while at work, their aged ones would record zero injuries or incidences, and have a companion at home with them. Now the big question is, “how do I hire a reliable caregiver?”

We have the perfect answer ‘CARE 1.0’.

This is a mobile application that connects people with aged ones to reliable caregivers within their location. The app would contain an array of caregivers to choose from. Caregivers registered on the app would have been thoroughly screened, trained and had their backgrounds checked before being enrolled on the app as we want aged ones to be as safe as possible.

There would be a section for people to apply as caregivers, this creates employment opportunity for a number of people from the comfort of their homes.

The services on the app would be affordable and economically friendly as the aim is to have a caregiver at your fingertip.

We know you love them so much and may have tried a couple of caregivers to rescue the situation, but none of them have met your expectations. Don’t give up yet, there are still competent caregivers you haven’t met.

CARE 1.0 will help you hire a capable caregiver in or around you (based on recommendation or rating). We encourage you to stay with us and try the perfect solution.




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UI/UX Group 68 Side Hustle Internship Page

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