Vote for the Worst Holiday Sweater

This holiday season, Team Wedgies took up the venerable tradition of wearing ugly holiday sweaters. Unfortunately when it came time to decide on a winner, we were as deadlocked as Bolivia is landlocked. Internet, we need your help to crown a winner.

T-Shirt T-Rex

When Porter Haney was asked where he obtained his Triassic themed Nordic Holiday Sweater that is really a t-shirt he replied, “the Internet”.

Classic Zach

What do you get when you take an understated holiday sweater and wrap it in a fake denim vest cum hoodie? You get classic Zach Kollegger. Half Abercrombie model and all developer.

Kitten Wrapper

Who does Drake call on his cellphone when he needs a winning holiday sweater? He calls Jimmy Jacobson.

Wookie Onsie

Lacking a holiday sweater, Paweł Szymczykowski displayed the kind of adaptability under pressure Wookies are renowned for, donned a Chewbacca onesie. Not only did he wear it all day, but he also helped us solder and hang LED lights around the office with his arclight spanner.

Vote for your Favorite

Now that you have seen the best team Wedgies has to offer, vote on your favorite Holiday Sweater.

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