‘Glocality’ to me means to feel aware of your location and it’s a position in the world. Glocality also means to compare and watch the globe and its many destinations as places we could see ourselves, or not see ourselves. Places we want to visit or places we don’t want to visit. We can now travel every where to make sure we see enough as possible to gain a definite understanding on where we want to end up. The term makes the world seem small.

Of course when you travel you meet people. Its not so absurd to find friendships with travel and keep that relationship alive, even if you only stayed in that particular spot for 2 weeks, because we can now sustain this relationship with the many platforms online like with MSN or face book, Skype. Its quite easy to stay in touch, the relationship can be much the same as someone living 15km away from you.

This can be problematic though. Especially when love is involved. You can meet a person and fall in love, extend your stay in their town. Then they can come visit you in yours, the love has blossomed and you have both realised you have spent the last two years chasing each other around the globe putting your work, study or family life on hold because to you a long distant relationship isn’t that bad, even if they are on the other side of the Globe. The world is still small. Every-where feels attainable. What’s twenty hours on a plane, anyway? Glocality is a state of mind.

All this is fine. Until finally, the world becomes huge again. The life of travel, excitement and accessibility all comes to a screeching halt when you both realise some one will have to get a Visa. Glocality has been forced apart into two different words, global and local. You have both been teased by surface guarantees. Some one will have to re-locate and find new friends, a new family. Someone will have to spend thousands of dollars reassuring their stay in there new country. Sit tests to prove their willingness to become part of the new country. Perhaps learn a new language. Glocality is a pipe-dream. Nowhere is free. There are boundaries and gates everywhere and its not just closed for those in love its closed for those seeking safety, a new beginning and those who want a better life.

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