How to Enjoy Your Sunday Evening

Photo by mazemet

Do you dread Sunday evenings? No matter how wonderful the weekend was, the thoughts of Monday morning stress find a way into my mind on Sunday evenings.

Rather than give a long list of things to do — more things that sound good but won’t happen — I have one thing to for you to try:

Photo by mazemet

#1 — Check your calendar

Even though it might be the last thing you want to do, sometimes all it takes to make Monday easier is to know what to expect.

This assumes, however, that you use a calendar on a regular basis.

For those of us who have multiple calendars that all combine into one view of our week, there are many people who use a combination of paper and electronic, or paper only, or (gasp) NONE.

So let’s step back a bit and talk about calendars. It really doesn’t matter whether you prefer to use a pencil and the tiny calendar you can get at the local Hallmark store or if you have a special super app that you bought in the app store.


Use it every day this week. Write down all you can in one place. If your phone is always in your hand or pocket, try there. If not, find a calendar you love and a pen that works and reach for it every time new plans are made.

Check back next Sunday for another tip to try.

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