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Burger at Reeds American Table (Now Closed)

First off, we’re not the biggest red meat eaters, but sometimes there is nothing better than a nice burger. In the old days of the St. Louis food scene there were not too many options available for a burger, not to say that there were no good options, but that there were not so many different options.

It used to be O’Connell’s, The Royale, and a few others as the main options for a good burger in St. Louis. They are both still there and still have some damn fine burgers, but it’s nice to have some more possibilities besides those places and, let’s say, Hardee’s.

Here are some burgers we’ve had in STL since:

Brasserie by Niche

CWE . 4580 Laclede Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108 . website

The Brasserie Burger at Brasserie by Niche

Brasserie is known as a place to get some amazing French onion soup and other fine French cuisine, but they also have an amazing burger. It has dijonnaise and is served with pomme frites, but that’s just French for spicy mustard mixed with mayo and french fries respectively.

A fine option for a someone who accidentally wandered into the place or even the most ardent Francophile, this is a joy to eat and will please almost any meat eater.

It’s also now available at the Rockwell Brewery, at the newly opened “Brasswell”.

The Copper Pig

Southampton . 4611 Macklind Ave, St. Louis, MO 63109 . website

Standard Burger at The Copper Pig

The Copper Pig features Vietnamese cuisine married with American bar grub, and one of our favorite items there is what they call the standard burger.

It comes with dijonnaise once again but also bacon, plus a big drippy egg on the top. Good for brunch, lunch, and dinner alike!

The Midwestern

Downtown . 900 Spruce St, St. Louis, MO 63102 . website

Double Cheeseburger at The Midwestern

The Midwestern has a stupendous bar program and spot-on BBQ, but they also have a killer burger. More of a beef-and-cheese cake than a burger, it is a giant melty mass of beefy, cheesy goodness that goes perfectly with a good stiff drink, if not several.

This is one burger that we suggest you eat with a fork and knife. Don’t worry if the person next to you makes fun of you for doing it; you paid for it and therefore you eat it however you want.

The Bao

Clayton . 14 N Central Ave Clayton MO 63105 . website

Wagyu Bao Slider at The Bao

Located in the old Coastal location there is now The Bao, which features bao sandwiches, pan-Asian cuisine, and some well made cocktails.

They also have Wagyu beef sliders, which feature some delicious, tender meat, havarti cheese, truffle aioli, and a soft, chewy bao. It’s a fine delicacy and you can get a larger more burger-sized model as well if you’re more hungry (comes with an egg too).

F&B’s Eatery

Lindenwood . 3453 Hampton Ave, St. Louis, MO 63139 . website

Bacon Cheeseburger at F&B’s Eatery

To roughly paraphrase the movie “Ratatouille”:

“Not every place has a good burger, but good burgers can come from anywhere.”

The F&B Eatery is not a place that calls attention to itself. It’s tucked away into an unassuming strip mall on Hampton in the Lindenwood Park neighborhood. The interior is about like any small eatery you might see, but the food is indeed good and the burger is stellar.

Olive + Oak

Webster Groves . 102 W Lockwood Ave, Webster Groves, MO 63119 . website

O+O Burger at Olive + Oak

Olive + Oak is hard to get into and often requires a reservation. We usually hover around the bar like a pair of vultures and snag two stools when another couple leaves.

The place is known for high-minded and well made comfort food, and their burger is no disappointment. Two big hearty patties, melty white cheddar, pickles, and onions. It is simple but perfect in its execution.


CWE . 4101 Laclede Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108 . website

The venison is from Broken Arrow Ranch, which specializes in wild game, but there is nothing gamey about the meat. It’s frigging delicious and juicy and the sauces, which include mushroom catsup and a huge dollop of smoked Duke’s Mayo, perfectly compliment the meat.

An absolute treat to eat and is another one to potentially eat with a fork and a knife.


Hi-Pointe . 1033 McCausland Ave, St. Louis, MO 63117. website

The Mitrailette at Hi-Pointe

Why waste your time with your meal being separated into different piles? Why not put them all together into one big meaty, saucy, fry-filled sandwich?

We never heard of this sandwich before, so we were thought Hi-Pointe made it up but a quick look on wikipedia gave us this nice history lesson:

The Mitrailette: a Belgian sandwich which a name that is French for “Sub-Machine Gun”, though it is called an “Américain” in France.

It is popular amongst students.

Well… the more you know.

Balkan Treat Box

Webster Groves . 8103 Big Bend Blvd, Webster Groves, MO 63119 . website

Pjeskavica at Balkan Treat Box

This is the pjeskavica and it is a grilled “Balkan Burger” that is stuffed with cheese, and topped with kajmak (clotted cream) and ajvar (red pepper spread).

The flavors and meat are spot on, but the main draw to Balkan Treat Box is its amazing, wood-fired bread. The cheese-stuffed burger and toppings are great enough on their own, but that simply wonderful bread really pulls it together into an unforgettable burger.

The Last Hotel

Downtown West . 1501 Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO 63103 . website

The Last Bison Burger at The Last Hotel

The Last Hotel is a new addition in Downtown West, right next to the City Museum. It features some pretty swank surroundings, some nice stiff cocktails, and a very filling and satisfying burger made out of bison, or American buffalo if you prefer.

Never eaten bison? It’s a leaner meat that is super, super tender and has less cholesterol than cow meat. The one we had was nicely charred and served in a very unfussy fashion.

A Word About How We Write

Some of you might be thinking, “Hey! Where’s Mac’s Local Eats!?” or “Dude, you can’t have a Top 10 List of burgers in St. Louis and not mention The Dam! Worst. Burger List. Ever.”

Well, that is because this is not a ranking or a list of the absolute best. We do not do “Best Of” or “The Top 20 Flabitty-bloos in STL” articles. Plenty of people do this and they are totally welcome to do so.

This is our philosophy on writing about food, or writing about much of anything: It should be about sharing experiences that you liked or found interesting and not about telling people what they should and shouldn’t eat.

So, with that said, don’t be offended we didn’t highlight a certain place, or offended that we did… and be sure to tip well always!

— Christine & Charlie

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