Other ideas for my next 30-day trial

This is story #7 of my 30-day challenge to write every day. I’m actually really proud that I’ve been able to stick it out this long so far. This has to be a new personal record. This whole thing has me so stoked to try new things and get beyond surface level.

When I finish the 30 days, and I will finish the 30 days, I have decided that I want to try something else. I will keep writing but the posts will be less frequent. Maybe 4 or 5 a week? I don’t know. There are a few more itches to scratch here, and I’d love to dive deeper into a few more things. Here are some potential trials that’d like to go for:


Every day, for 30 days, for a minimum of 10 minutes. I’m a big fan of Tim Ferriss, and on his podcast, he notes that at least 80% of his guests, who are all top performers in their field, have some sort of meditative practice. Again, this is something I have dabbled in but I have never made it past 3 or 4 days in a row. When I am in the zone I am a forced to be reckoned with, but most of the time my thoughts are caught in a traffic jam. I’d like to get that sorted out. Honestly, of all of the ideas listed here, this is most likely to get the Month 2 blessing.


I’m thinking for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Doesn’t matter what I read, as long as I’m reading. Actually, I take that back. Just books, no blogs, and no articles. Those don’t count. There’s not really a reason to get too detailed in the reasoning here. Similar to meditation, reading is great for the mind. It’s been a long time since I have finished a book, and I think I have spent at least $75 on books this year of which I have not read the first page. That’s not even counting the books that I have borrowed from friends or the bookshelf at work. If I do this one, it’s gonna have to be before my son is here in January!

Double, Triple, Quadruple Down on Social

Now this one… this one may be better if I actually wait until Asher is born. Everybody loves babies. Especially cute babies, and if he’s related to me there’s a 1000% chance he will be adorable.

This was a major reason for me to start blogging in the first place. I want an audience, yes, but more than that I want a community. I’ve done a terrible job building and finding community online so far and that’s for lack of effort. One could argue that I should be doing that now if I am serious about this whole blogging thing, but my challenge is to write for 30 days, andI am focusing on getting stories published, everything else is bonus.

I have already built the skeleton for the process. One of my failed New Year’s resolutions was to grow my online following by 10x, and I had a Google Sheet for every social network to track how active I was, how many likes I received, and new followers gained. This one will be fun!

Learn to Code

I have always been fascinated by coding. I can’t even say I have scratched the surface on this one. I took a class in junior college that I’m pretty sure had a final exam where I had to make words scroll across the screen using HTML. I want more. There are great resources online for help here. Code for an hour every day for 30 days? That could be really cool.

Learn a New Language

This is different than coding. I am talking Spanish, French, German. I took Spanish classes but I have forgotten everything. If Wife Re agreed to do this one with me it could very well be bumped to the front. This goes into the same category as meditation and reading, I want to build up my brain muscle, it is capable of so much more!

Slow Carb Diet

Back to Tim Ferriss. About 6 months ago I went 10 total days on his slow card diet and I lost almost 10 pounds. Not lying. I am getting tubby again and this is needed. I wonder what 30 days straight could do. This would probably be the most difficult of all the ideas listed here. The rules have already been made, just click the link.

So far, this is what sticks out. I promise that whatever I do, it will be captured here on my Medium blog. Post #7 in the bag, 23 left to go!

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