Perfect Lazy Weekend

I watched an entire season of Silicon Valley yesterday and it was the best way to spend a Sunday alone. Just me, my puppy, and Pied Piper. I doubt Wife Re would have liked it, so I took my opportunity to indulge in some quality television. Special shout out to my home boi Jake for letting me have his HBO account info. Ballers and Silicon Valley are amazing, and I really need to get back into Game of Thrones. Don’t yell at me. I know you want to yell at me.

I also spent a good portion of my time playing Overwatch. Remember my post a while ago about quitting games? Well, that morphed a bit. I tried, and I gave up games for about a month. Wife Re and I spent a lot of time together during that month, but we found something out…we don’t really like spending that much time with each other. We need time to do our own thing. She loves to color and I like to game it up. I did, however, move the PlayStation downstairs to the family room so that when I am gaming, we are still together and able to be in each other’s presence. Much harder for me to spend countless hours on it when I am not in a room by myself. Plus, look at me! I’m writing every day! I can’t just only be working…I’ll go insane. I’m happier, she’s happier, my friends aren’t left hanging online by themselves. It’s a good thing.

Sometimes a weekend full of nothing is exactly what is needed. I mentally drain myself at work during the week, some weeks more than others, and putting it on ice for 48 hours really does the trick. I feel refreshed and anxious to perform at a high level when I’m back in the office on the phone.

Happy Monday everyone!

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