Stop and smell the damn roses.

This morning, I’m standing over the stove like a good house husband, making 4 eggs, and while staring into the pan my mind transports back in time. I’m back on 1st Street in Lincoln, in the kitchen, making 4 eggs. The atmosphere is so different. Like I’m being watched or like someone is expecting me to do something. Chores. Homework. I’m a kid. High schooler.

Snap back to reality.

I’m free. I have responsibilities but I’m free. I make my own choices, they are not made for me. My circumstances are the outcome of my effort and focus. I bought these eggs. I bought this stove. I bought this whole damn house!

I’m a driven individual. I look forward to the future and try to correct my path as I see fit. Something I don’t do often, though, is stop and smell the damn roses. There will always be more to gain, but all that is for nothing if I don’t appreciate it when I have it. The future is always coming. I’ve got 50 more years on this planet, and I’ve spent 26.

Let me just take a moment and say thank you to everyone that helped me get to where I am now.

Mom and dad- you are the best. You raised me the best you could and I am well off because of it.

Katie- thanks for making me food in the middle of the night, without you I would have starved.

Zach- thanks for almost fighting the neighbor and for being hilarious. Please start a YouTube channel where you go off on random people. I wish I was as funny as you.

Nan and Pop- sounds so lame, but thanks for making me feel like I really am one in a million. A lot of my confidence spawned from you creating it in me.

Jeanie and Bruce- the first time I moved out I lived in your back yard with your daughter for basically no rent. You must have seen something in me. I really really appreciate it. Living together with Leigha made it so much more obvious that we should be together.

Leigha- I don’t deserve you at all. You are way out of my league. You are an amazing wife and there is no person on this planet that I think could be a better mother to my son. We compliment each other perfectly. You make everything awesome. I know you don’t believe it but just being around you is better than doing just about anything else. You are really really hot. I am beyond stoked to be your husband.

And I’ll throw one more in there: Ned Schaut. You molded me more than I think you think you did. You have always been the man I want to “grow up” to be. To me you are the definition of successful, and the fact that you believed in me (and still do, I hope) makes me feel like I might be able to be successful too.

All this because of eggs.

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