The day has finally come

For two things:

Wife Re and I went and had 4D ultrasound of Asher. While I wasn’t very interested when presented with the idea, I really enjoyed getting to see my son in HD. I saw him smile and I saw him get really pissed off while just chillin in the womb. I love him so much!

I wasn’t that interested at first because I am total shit at being able to tell what’s going on in a normal ultrasound. As soon as I think I’ve got it, the wand moves and I’m lost all over again. Plus, I was afraid that what I saw today and what I am going to see in about 15 more weeks would be totally different. Found out that that’s not true…he already has Wife’s lips and chin and my nose and scowl.

$75 very well spent. Plus we got In N Out afterward. Hell yeah, boi!

The second thing:

First very short post. I’m literally laying in bed typing this out on my phone. I had a work project sprung on me last minute and had to spend a fair amount of time at home working on it. I knew this would happen eventually, but it won’t stop me from losing my streak!

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