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Dec 6, 2017 · 3 min read

Hello and thanks for visiting Wee Fingers Food. If you have young children, are keen to improve their diet without too much fuss, discover local activities to get them fit, and live in Glasgow, then please join me on my mission to sort out my 5 year old’s diet and discover the best cafes and activities in Glasgow for kids.

Me and my wee foodie

So what do I know?

Well I trained as a nutritional therapist a few years ago so I learnt a lot about what’s really important to include in your diet and always planned to ensure my daughter ate healthily. And mostly she did as a young toddler, but as she’s got older she’s got fussier, her tooth seems to have got sweeter and I give in too regularly to her demands for sugary snacks and bear shaped crisps!

Not exactly the healthy snacks I’m aiming for!!!

And all the beautiful plates of food for wee ones on Instagram just make me feel guiltier! So I’ve decided to try and get my act together, start really addressing my daughter’s sweet tooth and get her to try a wider variety of foods.

I’ll use my nutritional knowledge to share great ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and also share which options are best when you choose a ready made cereal, snack or meal from the supermarket. Plus I’ll share recipes, ideas and tips I come across to help you with the fussy eater in your house.

I’m going to be sharing no fuss, easy, healthy ideas for kids meals and snacks

Let’s go out for tea

I love living in Glasgow and its vibrant restaurant scene but too often the kid’s menu only offers the standard pizza/macaroni cheese/chicken nuggets options. I know there must be some amazing places we’re missing out on that our daughter would love, so we’re going to go out exploring and share our experiences with you.

On a mission to find cafes with great choices and activities for kids

As I feel like I’ve let things slip a bit, I’ll share my journey as I improve my wee one’s diet and our repertoire of cafes and hope it inspires you to do the same.

Over the next few months I’m planning to:

  • include simple nutritious meals and snacks that anyone can make
  • compare which supermarket buys are the healthiest — ready meals, cereals, snacks etc — so when you’re in a rush you’ll know which ones to grab
  • list great blogs and websites to turn to for healthy no fuss recipes so you’ll always have a fall back plan.
  • share useful tips I come across to help expand your child’s diet and increase their interest in food
  • report on the latest news on nutrition and health for kids
  • review Glasgow cafes and restaurants so I can let you know which ones have great menus and activities for kids.
  • share my progress as I gradually make changes in my own 5 year old’s diet
  • plus I’ll be out and about looking for things to do with my 5 year old in Glasgow — mostly healthy, active fun but with the occasional post on ‘naughty but worth it’ treats — cos we definitely all need those!

I’d love it if you’d join me on my mission to get my daughter healthier and more active so please share any tips, recipes or local cafes with me @weefingersfood. You’ll find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Cheers for reading to the end!


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