10 Superheroes at Work

This article first appeared on Weekdone's blog.

We live in a fast-paced world, where being effective and getting better is essential. By-product of that particular approach is our excessive focus on weaknesses.

Instead of always picking on our shortcomings, let’s give praise to our strengths and effort we bring daily into the routine of the concrete jungle. In every company and team, there are talented and hardworking people who don’t get the credit they deserve.

By definition, superhero is a fictional character having superhuman powers or greatly enhanced abilities.

In that sense, each of us has enhanced abilities that are more developed than others. Some are great at math, some possess extraordinary social skills, others have both and that combination on its own is a unique superpower.

In our daily office grind, we disguise ourselves as Clark Kents, Bruce Waynes and Tony Starks. Let’s rip off these gray suits and for once, reveal the real Superheroes at work.

We at Weekdone set out to find and identify these Superheroes. Combining unique human strengths and the theme of Superheroes, we ended up with 10 Superheroes at work.

In case you’re wondering which Superhero are you, take this QUIZ.


They seemingly have a limitless power to get things done. Sometimes, they can be impatient. Will go through walls, stepping on some toes along the way. Nevertheless, they are the ones that get everybody in the team going. As a manager or a co-worker, help steer them in the right direction.

Data Man

They are unhuman in terms of analytical ability and seeing patterns nobody else can. Data Men wears a protective suit that protects them from wishful thinking and unproved theories. Every organization needs them to figure out difficult problems and go through the mountain of data.

Captain Positivity

Coworkers, bosses, clients. They are all wondering how does Captain Positivity possesses such limitless power to stay positive in the hardest conditions imaginable. The Captain uses their Positivity Shield to fight off every negative vibe in the company. You need them to raise others above their daily frustrations.


Compare, compete, conquer! That’s the motto. They thrive in performance based jobs. Their presence alone raises everyone’s game to a whole new level. In addition, they have the ability to turn ordinary tasks into competitive games.


They possess the gift of precision and discipline. Polished through the years of doing lists, timetables and schedules. Their eye is always fixed on a deadline. Occasionally, they might annoy you by nit-picking on the small details. But, make no mistake, they are the ones who make sure the projects are on track and the company is a well-oiled machine.


They have a limitless sense of mission, honor and responsibility to get the job done. They often work into the night, so others don’t have to. This kind of people are rare and in constant demand, because they are well motivated themselves and don’t need the extra push. Every once in awhile, show them gratitude for all the work they have done.


Winning Others Over A.K.A. “Man of Friends”. There are no strangers, only friends they haven’t met. They know everybody in the office including their birthdays. Every organization needs them to make sure there are plenty of happy customers.

Dr. Futuristic

Rare ability to see the detailed future. They are the “Steve Jobs” of the company — the visionaries. They predict trends and keep coming up with new solutions. Sometimes, we don’t understand them. Encourage them to use more details when explaining their revolutionary ideas.

Professor E

Possess unnatural power of empathy. An unique knack for seeing the world through the eyes of others. They intuitively hear the unvoiced questions and give comfort to those in need. They make sure there are no major conflicts and burnouts in your team.


Power to successfully adapt to every situation. They are master mindset shifters. Occasionally mistaken for a multitasker and will drive the “planners” crazy. But it’s all trumped by their unique ability to stay productive in constantly changing situations.

Are you ready to discover your inner Superhero? Take the QUIZ.