Can Facebook save the world? I thinks so!

Shortly after my husband and I got married we took a media literacy class at the Monterey Women’s Conference. The teacher instructed us to pick a mission statement for our family. Then with that mission statement in mind watch the media and analyze media messages based how well they support or undermine our family mission statement. We picked gender equality around the world within our lifetime, needless to say, it has been a disheartening 20 years.

But I think that could change, the transformation could be almost instantaneous! Social change has always been gradual and non linear, happening in fits and starts. The election of a senile, racist, sex offender was a case in point of non linear progress. Perhaps electing a self avowed pedo is what we needed to fuel a backlash that could catapult us forward. Social media could be the catalyst for the rapid change that the planet requires of us. Progress that would have taken 500 non digital years, now with Facebook could be possible in weeks.

Inspired by infographics and memes women and good men around the world are coming together to end violence against women, close the wage gap, and stop the trafficking of women and children .
Facebook is loaded with feminist PSA’s, women’s history shorts, and the kind is of star studded, slick productions we only dreamed would someday be a reality. It gives me hope that the world is coming together and learning what used to be called “Women’s Studies” in the old days. If the media becomes part of the solution rather than the problem, human progress could happen, and happen quickly.