For Good Men To See Nothing
Ken Burnside

I think you may be going along with the original author in conflating sexism and even harassment with white supremacist terrorism, which suggests not only a racial purity agenda, but also a unifying ideology of violent extremism. It’s this kind of false equivalence and “fluidity” of definitions of terms, rather than just general apathy or lack of experience, that makes people looking on very skeptical of these types of articles. And with issues like this, it’s not the choir you need to convince, it’s those outside the church.

It‘s true that many girls who are interested in games are mistreated, either in RL or in the fantasy worlds that are nothing more than intellectual and creative constructs, (I’m only concerned with the RL cases. I literally don’t care if someone’s made up character gets made up assaulted). But it’s also true that many girls call anything “harassment,” including cat calls or just random helloes. And yes, some even fabricate things for attention

Conflating sexism with ideological terrorism; which is a unifying ideology, usually religious, in which thousands are displaced, enslaved, ACTUALLY raped and/or outright slaughtered; is not only incorrect, it’s ridiculous. It not only dilutes all the terms but makes it harder for the next girl who might be a genuine victim. How many accounts are there about girls trying to report a crime to the police, only to have them react as though it’s the thousandth time they’ve heard it? Does it ever occur to anyone that maybe it’s because they’ve already heard 999 reports of sexual assault and harassment that turned out to be nothing more than some guy said some shit?

If raising the awareness of those on the outside regarding what you perceive is a major problem in the gaming community is in any way a goal, this kind of wanton equivocating “flexibility” with words and their meanings will only hurt the cause, as does a lack of any kind of solution that involves anything other than censorship and thought policing.

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