The Simple Plan To Read More
Shane Parrish

Until 17–18 years ago I never really read that much (I was into video games/ comics and marijuana) then I got internet access for the first time and I’ve been reading regularly ever since.

I don’t like reading fictional stories, but prefer educational, informative and thought provoking articles.

Regardless of what I’m reading, be it about sport, history, technology, futurism etc, I find it incredibly relaxing and calming and prefer reading to watching any kind of mindless reality TV shows or most TV in fact, although I do enjoy sci-fi films and sports.

Something I’ve noticed since reading almost exclusively via the internet is that I prefer shorter articles to longer ones.

If I do begin a book (more often than not brought by a friend of a wishlist of mine) I often find my mind wanting to drift away from the book and on to another topic after a a few hundred pages or less most times.

Without a doubt if I had the money though I think I would have a room dedicated to my own library though, I do enjoy the look and feel of a book, just not the actual complete reading of one! :/