How to get the wifi password like a boss

When you arrive at your best friend’s home, the first question you want to ask is : “what is the wifi pass bro ?”. So boring for him, he has to look under the internet box and start spelling to you all numbers and letters. Not simple, is it ?

When you ask the wifi password to your friend

After that, you have a date with a super pretty girl in a coffee near your best friend’s home. The girl is late, so during this time you want to check your emails and maybe watch a video on Youtube. You call the waiter and ask for the wifi password. The waiter promises to give it to you quickly. Few minutes after you understand he forgot you. Not simple, is it ?

The solution ? Weezee, a simple app that transforms wifi password to flash code.

With Weezee, you just scan a flash code and you are connected. There isn’t wifi password anymore. Connect like a boss.

Android version / iOS version

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