Unprecedented — Why the Electoral College Should Stop Donald Trump
daniel brezenoff

There are a couple of Electors, one in Colorado and one in Washington State, calling themselves ‘Moral Electors,’ who have proposed voting for another Republican or abstaining from the Electoral College vote, with their stated intention of denying the Presidency to Trump. Oddly, both of these electors are Democrats who are already pledged to vote for Clinton.

Unfortunately, even if these Electors were not Democrats, these routes are unlikely to produce the result of denying the Presidency to Trump. Unless these Electors can persuade at least 268 other electors to vote for a Republican who is not Trump, the decision then falls to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, who will undoubtedly seat Trump. Abstention will undoubtedly produce the same result of sending the decision to the House.

Alexander Hamilton’s specifications for a person unsuited to the office, as described in Federalist Papers 68, unquestionably apply to Trump. This would be an Elector’s most justifiable reason to not seat Trump.

That the American people have demonstrated a clear and overwhelming preference for Clinton, at this moment by over 1.4 million votes, is a persuasive argument that she should be the preferred candidate to be seated as President, but it cannot be the Electors’ primary reason for seating her. Clear popular preference is not one of the Founders’ specifications for seating a candidate against the preference of their particular electorate.

However, every single quality which Hamilton identifies as disqualifying is displayed by Donald Trump. The Electors have an obligation per their oath to reject Trump; the surest way to make sure that happens is to elect Clinton with a majority of 270 electoral votes, so that the decision does not fall to the House.