The other day I went into the office for the first time since March. I said hello to my ‘stuff’ and grabbed a stack of mail off my desk — three pieces of mail. From March to August. It’s crazy! What a huge missed opportunity for anyone trying to sell me anything.

I’ve received thousands of unsolicited emails since March, but only three letters through the mail. Nothing handwritten. Nothing clever or engaging. Why not?

Mail is everywhere. It’s all over the news. It’s important.

Not only do we like mail, but we can’t get our mail fast enough.

From a marketing perspective, we’re talking about a media channel as old as dirt that is still wildly effective. It’s not crazy. It is the truth. Mail delivers engagement, activation and fun. It’s optimistic and delightful when done right.

It’s easy to think of mail as a stack of envelopes and postcards. You may not recall an individual piece of mail. It’s just junk and it’s an example of what not to do. What if you could send something through the mail that’s so interesting people will be talking about it for months and years to come? That’s doing B2B mail right.

When your BDRs call to check in, their prospects will remember getting a compelling, unique mail piece. They’ll remember it today. They’ll remember it tomorrow, the week after that, the month after that, and in some cases a decade later.

Here’s an example. We sent out a mailer that included a hotel keycard, a napkin and a handwritten note. The campaign lasted 10 years. It had staying power and amazing brand recall. People remember photos of Bigfoot, the lenticular bacon, bingo balls, decoder glasses, and on, and on.

While your competition is battling for eyeballs in the inbox, you will own the mailbox. It’s safe. It’s effective. It works in the C-suite. It does amazingly well with influencers. So, now’s your chance. Grow your pipeline with mail.

Turn to mail and engage your targets. Surprise and delight them. No postcards. No form letters. No swag-in-a-box. Make it unique.

Reach your target audience in the midst of today’s digital deluge.

People are going to the office, if only to stop in. If your brand is not waiting for them — in the form of mail — you’re missing a huge opportunity.

Happy people doing a little #marketing deep in the heart of Texas. Design friendly. #digital #directmail